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Apr 23, 2016 8:30 AM

Smoking Weed Can Cause Vaginal Dryness

It is time to tell you something very, very important, so read carefully and try to miss nothing.

Everyone who had sex while stoned know that is can be quite an experience. Cannabis earned its aphrodisiac reputation not without purposes. Of course, it all depends, but some users claim that weed increases blood flow and nerve sensations, intensifying orgasms and amplifying sexual pleasure. It also eases cramping and pelvic pain, calms nerves, activates the senses, increases sexual stamina, power, and length of orgasms.

Along with all these advantages (and many other as well), cannabis has certain side effects. And “cotton vagina” is one of them.

You are probably familiar with the nasty well-known side effect of the weed called “cotton mouth,” when after smoking, e. g., a diesel strain, it feels like a desert in your mouth, lips are sticking to your teeth, and it is really difficult to swallow. But it seems a baby talk compared to a phenomenon known as “cotton vagina”—an experience of vaginal dryness after smoking weed.

Just as allergy medications can make your vagina dry thanks to your mucus membranes in your sinuses, smoking pot, or at least certain strains, can do exactly the same. In general, if medicines and drugs can make your mouth or sinuses dry, it can also reduce vaginal lubrication making sex uncomfortable for both partners.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of studies on the subject. Neither drug companies nor the government is not interested in it: the first ones pay for researches in order to develop new drugs, and the last one initiates so only if something supposes to pose a potential threat.

However, of all that small number of things we know so far, it is clear that not all the strains give you dry mouth, but those that do are likely to give you a dry vagina as well. It is important to say that it is all about personal factors: each user responds differently to the weed and each strain acts differently. No one can say for sure whether your favorite Sweet Diesel is responsible for your cotton vagina. You really need to experience a bit to find strains that works for your body and mind.

So, what can a cannalovers do when dryness harasses while being stoned? Use lube, of course. That is why it is crucial to be aware of both cannabis plants you consume and lubricants you use.

While there a colossal amount of lubes out of the market, most sexual-health advocates and clinicians suggest organic and vegetable-based lubricates the best choice.

While mineral oils, including baby oil and Vaseline, actually dry your skin (it cannot absorb them or break them down), almond or coconut oil are sordid at room temperature, do not go rancid, and help to avoid painful intercourse from the cotton vagina.

Coconut oil is often used as a base in cannabis lube: this magical thing is exceptionally women's privilege that can really get one's “pussy stoned.” At the same time, it is not exactly “lube” in a traditional sense: it is an oil-based spray that means it cannot be used with a latex condom.

Whatever you chose, make sure that it is safe and used with love.