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Feb 15, 2017 12:05 PM

Somatik: A New Drink for Cannabis and Coffee lovers

What can be better than a morning cup of delicious coffee and a wonderful joint? Well, San Francisco’s Ritual Coffee Roasters knows the answer, as they offer now a great option for coffee and cannabis lovers: 8-oz bottle of cold brewed coffee with 15 mg of THC in it.

Somatik: A New Drink for Cannabis and Coffee lovers

This combination is so obvious and so logical that we wonder why it have not been invented years ago? However, it were Ritual together with cannabis startup Somatic that decided to release this new tempting beverage to the market.

8-ounce bottle is available for $12, and, according to Christopher Schroeder, founder of Somatik, who gave an interview to San Francisco Chronicle , this drink gives you a more balanced feel between your mind and your body, so you do not feel as “cerebral” as when you smoke a joint. This is the biggest benefit of this beverage: you get the best of both coffee and marijuana and feel light and fun throughout the day, while your body get unwind and stress-free. In fact, the name “Somatil” comes from the Greek word “ somatikos”, which stands for “physically” or “corporeally,” as Shoeder wanted to show that nice-balanced effect between body and mind.

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One bottle has one and a half standard doses of marijuana, so it is up to you whether you want to consume it straight away or drink it throughout the day. The drink in the bottle is ready to consume, however, you can also dilute it with milk or water, whatever you like.

“It is definitely unique and absolutely unusual, and something we can point to about the way the stigma around medical marijuana is changing,” said Debby Goldsberry, a cannabis activist who owns one of the companies that distributed Somatik's drink. So far, the state restrictions do not allow to serve Somatik in other places apart from dispensaries.

Ritual Coffee Roasters is a cozy place with artisanal approach beloved by coffee-lovers for its devotion for coffee-nerd culture. The people working in Ritual can always tell you everything about their product, where every bean came from, what kind of plant it was, why it tastes like this and how it should be prepared to reveal its qualities in the best way.It was launched a dozen years ago, and since then, had several branding deals.

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At the same time, Somatik is a quite young company, it was founded just a year ago by Schroeder who did not have by that time any experience with either beverages or cannabis. However, it was his idea to create such a partnership and make cannabis-infused coffee.

Schroeder met Eileen Rinaldi, the Ritual founder, through a nonprofit supporting small manufacturers. At first, she was quite skeptical about this idea as she did not believe that it is possible to create a drink that would not change dramatically the coffee flavor. But this fear was gone when Schroeder managed to create a perfect mix that not only avoid “spoiling coffee flavor,” but instead managed to make it reacher. “Chris has done an incredible job developing a product that tastes exactly the way I would want a cold brew served in our cafés to taste,” said Rinaldi.

For Schroeder, it was interesting to bring such a devotion that he saw in Ritual cafes, to the cannabis industry. That is why the process of creating Somatik beverage was performed with the same approach.

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As the base, they use Green Gigante beans that are roasted and grounded before delivering to Somatik’s manufacturer in the South Bay. After that the beans keep steeping for 12 hours in cold water to get the rich and delicious concentrate. After that, the concentrate is blended with THC oil, get bottled, and is, actually, ready to serve.

As for cannabis, Schroeder decided to choose not one but a bouquet of strains grown outdoors. Using dioxide extraction, the buds are turned into a potent cannabis oil that almost does not have that specific pot's skunky taste and aroma. This way it can be mixed with coffee and not change its flavor but just add a subtle notes that any cannabis-lover will immediately recognize.

For now, due to the regulations, it is not allowed to sell Somatik in Ritual cafés, so at least for the following 12 months it will be available only in dispensaries. “I believe we will see cannabis products more widely distributed in the next couple of years,” said Rinaldi.