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Oct 2, 2016 6:05 PM

Starkiller to Impress With Its Potency

Each strain is a unique herb that has its own upsides and downsides. There are strains that are in demand more than others either due to their potency or other special effects. We consider those herbs to be the stars, the celebrities of the cannabis world. The strain we are reviewing today is called Starkiller. So, let us see whether this indica strain can compete with any other marijuana stars.

Starkiller to Impress With Its Potency

General Information

Starkiller is an indica-dominant strain with 70% of indica content. It is a cross of two very powerful strains—Skywalker OG and Rare Darkness #2. Besides, Starkiller is the winner of this year's Best Hybrid Flower Award of the Cannabis Cup. Being the child of two potent strains, Starkiller combines their best sides and produces the levels of THC that may compete with the most powerful strains in the world.

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Starkiller is the ultimate epitome of high quality. The popularity did not come to the strain immediately, but the previous two years have been very successful for it.

The strain can be grown both indoors and outside. In both cases, the strain has medium-high yields. The flowering period of Starkiller is about 65 days.

Appearance and Flavor

The deep green buds of Starkiller attract the attention of every cannabis connoisseur. The plant is frosted with crystals that not only cover the buds but may spread to the leaves and stems as well. The buds are beautifully decorated with bright orange hairs. The nugs are tight and sticky—a perfect combination for perfect cannabis plants.

The aroma is pungent with citrus notes. You may feel slight earthy hints that do not ruin the aroma but only make it better.

The flavor is pleasant and gentle. It leaves a pungent lemon aftertaste for some time after your smoking session. The sweetness of Starkiller is subtle—it does not taste too sugary.

Recreational Use

Starkiller may contain up to 26 percent of THC, which makes it powerful as hell. In some cases, the amount of THC may be even higher. If you are new to cannabis consumption, try to be careful with this hybrid because your tolerance may not be ready to deal with it. However, if you are an experienced user, be ready for some impressive effects.

The high hits you fast and hard immediately clouding your mind and enveloping your head. Slowly, it spreads down your body to engulf you fully. Be ready to give the control over your body to the herb. Starkiller heavily sedates you and leaves you couch-locked. The longer the high, the more sleepy you feel. Starkiller is the strain that you may use instead of a good bedtime story—it lulls you into sleep better than a lullaby. You will not be awoken easily until you get enough rest.

Medical Effects

The amount of CBD in the plant is 0.27 percent.

Due to its heavy sedating effects, the strain is perfect for people who have insomnia. It provides you with a strong and long sleep. Starkiller is also perfect for the alleviation of chronic pain and stress. In addition, many patients with PTSD use the strain to help themselves deal with the condition. The strain is quite effective at relaxation— it affects both body and mind.

As we see, Starkiller is a beautiful strain that has the potency to compete with any other marijuana celebrity. Having such strong genetics, the strain takes only the best qualities from its parents and combines them into a potent high and a traditional pungent flavor.

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