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Jun 13, 2016 9:20 AM

Startup Developed Marijuana-Infused Sugar Raises Money for Growth

DeepCell, a startup company that develops new technology for cannabis-infused products, has raised $410,000 to invest in growth. The company focuses on research and development in the field of material science, microfluidics, and chemistry.

This Seattle company does not itself make marijuana products, it creates innovative technologies and licenses them to other players on the cannabis market.

For instance, this year, DeepCell has entered into a licensing agreement with Green Labs, LLC, a successful producer of cannabis edibles. According to this agreement, Green Labs received a license to manufacture and distribute throughout Washington State Ruby Cannabis Sugar, the first DeepCell's brand that uses trademarked technology to infuse sugar with marijuana compounds.

The technology of Ruby is innovative and unique as it allows creating a water soluble product full of beneficial cannabinoids. As you may already know from our recipes, marijuana compounds are fat-soluble and do not normally dissolve in water. That is why most recipes of marijuana edibles include things like butter, coconut oil, etc.

This innovative cannabis sugar has a neutral flavor and is as flexible as natural sugar. Green Labs is manufacturing this product in 10-milligram serving-sized packages and is planning to launch 5-milligram servings for buyers with a low tolerance to marijuana. The Ruby Cannabis Sugar products are expected to become available at medical cannabis dispensaries this summer.

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DeepCell is also developing other edible cannabis products, like marijuana-infused salt and another kind of cannabis-infused sweetener. The company is planning to launch two more cannabis product lines—Emerald low-calorie sweetener and weed-infused Sapphire salt—by the end of this year.

The company's team is sure that these products will be keystone ingredients for cannabis edibles in the near future. There is a great potential for this technology in the market, as it allows marijuana cooks and explorers to create new innovative edibles.

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Though the company owns only the brand and intellectual property, they want to license their technology nationally and worldwide. Today, DeepCell Industries has only four full-time employees, but they are going to grow thanks to the fresh cash they received from their investors.