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Apr 18, 2016 5:40 PM

Stoner's Dream: You Can Use This Pizza Box to Smoke Weed

This impressive contraption undoubtedly ought to be on the list of the TIME's Top Best Inventions of the Year, somewhere between the hoverboard and the Google cardboard, because it will change your view of the munchies forever.

After countless years of tedious research and development, every toker's favorite activities—eating pizza and smoking weed—were finally mashed together.

A New York-based company “Push for Pizza,” in collaboration with the Nikolas Gregory Studio, designed a new pizza box that can be used to smoke marijuana. Previously, the founders of the pizza company have created an app that allows users to order delicious pizza with only one tap, but now these creative guys broke a new ground of service quality.

The new pizza box has a small cut-out section at the top that can be folded into a hexagonal tube—the shaft of a pipe to smoke marijuana. The plastic doohicky, commonly used to prevent the box from crashing its pizza contents, serves as the pipe's bowl/carbonator and chamber. A few splits of the box along the perforation lines and some origami can turn a piece of the cardboard into a functional pipe.

The cardboard is made entirely out of recyclable materials, and the bowl is a piece of temperature-resistant ceramic with a carb for improved ventilation. In the future, when the box moves into mass production, the company is going to use a much cheaper and recyclable vegetable-based plastic instead of ceramic.

Sure, this marijuana cardboard pipe is short-lived, but the idea was to create the tube that will work in a pinch.

One of the co-founders of “Push for Pizza,” Cyrus Summerlin, explained that it was typical to crave food when getting high and it was also common practice to order a pizza to satisfy your craving. The pot-to-pizza was the combination of the two, he said. So, you will no longer have to try to feverishly recall the telephone number of the local pizza parlor after smoking weed, or to search for a pipe.

Summerlin also added that the pipe was fully tested and could not burn unless you were very careless.

As for now, the Pizza Pipe is a stunt for the upcoming stoner holiday 4/20; the creators say that they have created only one prototype of the amazing pizza-box-weed-pipe. Unfortunately, they currently do not have plans for mass production, although they may try a limited time run of the product depending on how well it is received. So, now you have a great chance to help to kick the sales into high gear.