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Apr 24, 2016 5:30 PM

Strain Review: Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream is a truly beautiful strain that looks pretty and works exceptionally well. Whether you buy it for the recreational or medical consumption, this dreamy strain will fully satisfy all your needs. Let us take a closer look at Sunshine Daydream.

Strain Review: Sunshine Daydream


Sunshine Daydream is a beautiful indica-dominant strain with interesting genetics. The strain is a cross between the famous “heavyweight” strain Appalachia and Bubbashine. It is interesting that the “parents” of Bubbashine are the Blue Moonshine hybrid and Bubba Kush that together create a unique indica phenotype. The genetics of the strain dictate its fast flowering and dense harvest. The buds are covered with a thick layer of crystals. Sunshine Dream has three different phenotypes; each of them is potent and flavorful.

This strain is relatively easy to maintain in different conditions including outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse growing. The copious resin of this strain is a unique creation that suits different tastes and needs.

Flavor and Aroma

An elaborate mix of diesel and fruit flavors makes this strain the favorite choice of many people. Sunshine dream truly tastes like a sweet summer memory. Minor berry undertones of this delicacy can make it somewhat fruity. Some phenotypes of the strain can also leave a slight aftertaste of pleasantly sour butter. Sunshine Daydream smells like blueberry; a smell that almost immediately makes you feel hungry. So, be sure to have some sweet berry muffins somewhere around.

Its cherry kush terpene signature is not the only characteristic feature of this strain. Daydream is truly a pleasant sight to see. Bright green buds have some orange hues that are densely covered with white crystals.

Recreational Effects

The strain's effects hit you fast, though it has a moderate level of THC—about 10-12%. Sunshine Daydream will immediately provide you a happy and euphoric high that will relax you. Forget about all your troubles at work and at home—just a few tokes will cover you in a pleasant bliss. The Sunshine Daydream strain has strong psychoactive effects that are typical for most indica strains. It is better to consume it in the evening or even right before bed. Be sure to have a cozy pillow around, as your daydreaming will definitely lead you to it.

Medical Effects

Cannabis is a beautiful natural healing medicine. Sunshine Daydream strain is not an exception. It is a good remedy for chronic pain and inflammation. Its soothing effects are largely used by patients with stress. Consumption of this strain makes you relaxed and stress fades away. You simply forget about all that worries and indulge in a blissful sleep.

In general, the strain can be used as a part of a treatment for all conditions that benefit from THC effects. The list of symptoms and disorders also includes nausea, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. It is worth mentioning that the effects of Sunshine Daydream are very good for people with sleep problems. As all other indica strains, this one makes your sleep deeper and longer.

Where to Buy

In addition to the opportunity to order this marijuana strain online, you can also visit a local dispensary. Sunshine Daydream is most popular in Washington and California.

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