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Jun 4, 2016 6:00 PM

Strain Review: Super Green Crack Kush

If you are looking for kush cannabis that will bring you to cloud nine, pay attention to Super Green Crack when visiting your local marijuana dispensary. This pure sativa hybrid is extremely popular among cannabis users in Southern California for its distinct citrus aroma and strong sativa effect.Super Green Crack Kush Strain

Super Green Crack is a successful genetic mix of the extremely famous Super Silver Haze and Green Crack strains. Thanks to its parents, this sativa can boast of high potency that includes 18-28% of THC and small amounts of CBN and CBD. Undoubtedly, this is a pretty rich content of powerful cannabinoids that not every marijuana strain contains.

Plants of this sativa are featured with egg-shaped green buds covered in olive-green leaves. The buds are densely coated with snow-white trichomes and semitransparent amber hairs. If this strain does not attract you with its appearance, you will definitely like its earthy flavor with rich notes of lemon and orange. The memorable scent of the strain intensifies when you exhale during smoking or vaporizing this cannabis. If you decide to grow weed using Super Green Crack seeds, you may be rewarded with a huge yield in just 50 days of flowering indoors. The perfect smell and flavor of this strain can be easily preserved by curing the harvested buds properly.

Many cannabis users find Super Green Crack perfect for using with a cup of coffee in the morning. This sativa makes a great wake and bake. It will saturate you with enough energy and creativity to perform your daily duties without feeling tired.

Providing an uplifting high, Super Green Crack will also make you optimistic and vivacious, which is especially helpful for people struggling with depression or fatigue. The effects of this strain come quickly and can last for up to four hours. Though this cannabis has a high level of potency, you will not feel any negative effects like anxiety or paranoia if you use this weed wisely.

Super Green Crack can also benefit the cannabis patients with headaches, bipolar disorder, PTDS, and pre-menstrual syndrome. Consulting your marijuana doctor before using this strain will help you define your body needs and receive the best effect of this sativa. Some cannabis users report dryness of the mouth and eyes, but you may not notice these side effects if you consume this strain in moderation.

Choosing this sativa, you will surely get an uplifting and energetic high. This strain is highly recommended for weed users who need to be optimistic and creative and those who want to relax after having a bad day. The memorable skunk flavor with notes of citrus and pine will add additional pleasure to your experience. If you like strong sativa strains with a unique aroma, you should definitely try Super Green Crack at least once.