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Apr 7, 2016 4:25 PM

Strains Review: Purple Goo

We all know that indica strains are good for relaxation and a slight body buzz. But are they all the same? What strain should you choose? Can you just buy one at random and see what happens?

Purple Goo Strain

There are times when you have already tried numerous cannabis strains and want to try something new. Besides, there are always the beginners who do not know where to start. At some point in our lives, we, cannabis enthusiasts, take a moment to think about what strain to choose for our next high. We all know a dilemma of facing a too large range of available strains. But is it that simple to choose?

It seems that none of us knows exactly the flavor, properties, and the effects of all available strains. The easiest way for you to find out the most detailed information is to browse our reviews on various marijuana strains. This time, a potent A-list indica is the center of our attention.

Being a child of Afghani Goo and Purple Kush, it inherited the best features of both strains. The genetic makeup of the Purple Goo strain makes it a proper potent indica strain.


Purple Goo has a rich berry flavor that perfectly combines with the earthy notes of the strain's Afghani Goo parent. The combination is quite pleasing and can lead you to buying the strain without any other additional information. The sweet aroma of the summer treat is quite similar to the smell of real berries. If you are attracted to the Purple Goo strain because of this similarity, you will not be disappointed! It really tastes amazing and leaves a fruit sweetness in your mouth for the whole day. Purple Goo can easily enter the list of top tasty indica strains. Besides, the pungent floral aroma is not too heavy and is mixed with the pine and earthy notes.

Recreational Effects

Despite being an indica strain, Purple Goo initially provides uplifting effects that give you energy and the feeling of “kicky” high. Despite being euphoric, you will be surprisingly focused. This is the best time to indulge in your creativity and focus on something that can become a future masterpiece. The initial effects are moderate-strong and will fade in time. After you have used all your creative potential—just relax. The soothing effects that are typical for the indica strains come next. The energy slowly morphs into a relaxed happy high. You feel sleepy. Your thoughts come to peace and the hectic day ends up with a pleasurable light body buzz. All in all, it is a great nighttime strain that can guarantee you the most pleasant dreams you have ever seen. Try it on weekends and ensure a complete relaxation from your work.

Medical Effects

Alongside being a great strain for recreational purposes, Purple Goo is also a potent remedy. The medical effects of this indica strain are diverse; it can be used as a part of a treatment for various conditions. Among them are depression, chronic pain, asthma, and cancer. It is a good remedy that eliminates stress and insomnia. Taking even an insignificant amount of this marijuana strain before bed will make you sleep like a baby. The relaxing body and mind buzz of Purple Goo can give you the needed relaxation from everyday stress, pains, and irritation.

As the strain is rather potent, you need to be careful with its dosage. The possible side-effects include dizziness, dry mouth, headaches, and red eyes. In some cases, slight paranoia is also possible.

Where to buy

The strains' looks are prominent and distinguish the flowers from other indica strains. The buds are green and have dark brown hairs. You will easily recognize Purple Goo by its delicious sweet berry aroma. The strain is most popular in California, Arizona, Oregon, British Columbia, and Washington State.

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