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Apr 16, 2016 8:45 AM

Strongest Indica Strains

There are many potent indica stains, and all of them provide a heavy relaxing high. But which of them are the strongest? Which one should you buy next? Read our article and choose the strain that you like the most. It is high time to go to the closest recreational dispensary and buy a new strain to try.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Liquid Butter

This is not some cannabis edible, as many of you might have thought. This is a strain that guarantees you the high of your dreams. The frosty nugs of Liquid Butter guarantee you a strong body and mind buzz. And it is indeed very potent. The average content of THC in the strain is reported to be 26% but sometimes can reach up to 29%. If you buy a pack of 29% THC buds, be careful with the dosage, as the buzz is heavy and couch-locking. However, the taste of the strain is amazing—sweet popcorn and butter. It is also complemented by the smell of pine and greens. A simple summary for Liquid Butter is “if you see it—grab it.”

Kosher Kush

Since its appearance in 2010, Kosher Kush has been the main contender for the Cannabis Cup. Unfortunately, the genetic background of the strain is unknown, but it originates from California just like many other popular strains. Kosher Kush is closely related to OG Kush and has similar effects. However, they are stronger and longer-lasting. The sedating effects come immediately and hit your whole body. Similarly to its Kush relatives, the strain has a rich earthy pine flavor and the slight smell of fruit. This heavy indica strain with 27% of THC is a good choice for people with sleep problems and depression.

Death Star

Death Star may be an ultimate weapon of the Empire, but the Death Star strain is surely a mighty weapon of cannabis. The potency of this strain is impressive—26% of THC. Maybe it cannot destroy planets, but it can surely hit you with its potent effects. You may easily succumb to the Dark Side and fall off the radar for a few hours. The strain may be consumed at daytime, but we would strongly recommend consuming it in the evening. Death Star, despite its dark name, gives you the best sleep you have ever had. Its aroma and flavor are as rich and strong as its effects.

Jedi Kush

A child of our previous strain, Death Star, is another Star Wars-inspired indica—Jedi Kush. The bud conceals a timid diesel aroma that is fully released when it is cracked. A strong rush of cerebral energy hits you immediately due to the high content of THC in the strain—26%. Jedi Kush is also very important for patients who need to receive a strong dose of medicine very fast.

After a few tokes of this strain, you will feel the Force coming to you. Well, the strain has been named after the famous movie franchise, so you know what to do after consuming it—Star Wars marathon.

LA Confidential

True to its name, the strain is very popular in California. What is more, it is well-known not only there but throughout all states. It looks exquisite and tastes delicious. Bright green buds are frosty with trichomes and have small purple leaves. You would buy LA Confidential simply for its looks. The strain is well-balanced and provides you with both psychedelic euphoria and body relaxation. It is a very good remedy for chronic pain treatment. The skunky aroma perfectly combines with a smooth earthy flavor and makes you high and happy.