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Jul 21, 2017 12:25 PM

Swiss Supermarkets to Offer Hemp Cigarettes

European countries are becoming more and more open to marijuana. Nowadays, even regular supermarkets can offer you cannabis-infused products. A major supermarket chain in Switzerland has announced that it will soon start carrying the first hemp cigarettes in the world.

Image credit: Heimat Facebook community

Starting from July 24, high-CBD hemp cigarettes will be sold in Coop supermarkets alongside the common cigarette labels. Customers will not need a prescription or any other document to get this product.

The cigarettes contain a very small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); so small, in fact, that they are considered legal under the Swiss law. Comparing to other European countries that have a 0,2% THC limit, Switzerland draws the line at 1%. This level of THC does not provide any psychoactive effects.

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Instead, the cigarettes will contain up to 20% of CBD, which can bring relief from a number of health problems including inflammation, anxiety, depression, chronic and acute pain, panic attacks, and epilepsy.

The Coop, together with the Swiss cigarette manufacturer Heimat, is sure that this product will be in high demand. The supermarket chain already has other hemp items on their shelves (hemp beer, tea, and oil). The cigarettes will be sold both in outlets and through the company’s website. However, in some branches, it is possible to obtain them now.

Switzerland legalized the consumption of cannabis with less than 1% of THC back in 2011, and since then, the annual sales of legal marijuana items have been around 100 million Swiss francs (around $103.6 million).

The Heimat hemp cigarettes will cost 19.90 Swiss francs (around $20.61) per packet.

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While the consumption of hemp cigarettes is absolutely legal in Switzerland, the Heimat company warns against taking them outside the country, where the product may be beyond the law.

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