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Mar 29, 2016 4:04 PM

Terp Juice: Most Potent Cannabis Concentrate

In the variety of marijuana-related products, there is a real gem you would not want to miss. The so-called “terp juice" is one (if not the most) potent marijuana product you can find on today's market.

Why is terp juice so special?

If you ever wondered what makes marijuana's taste and aroma so different from strain to strain, then you probably have already heard the word “terpene." Basically, terpenes are special oils formed in the same glands of the marijuana plant as CBD and THC. It is terpenes we should blame for the fact that marijuana is either pungent and skunky or floral and sweet. Today, more than one hundred different terpenes are known. Every strain has a unique terpenoid profile, and, therefore, every plant strain has a different taste, smell, and effect on the human body and mind.

The secret of the extreme potency of terp juice is not only in its high THC percentage but also in its high quantity of terpenes. Just think about it: you know that cannabis shatter and cannabis wax are also potent substances, but terp juice has 60 percent more flavor molecules than they do. And this means that it not only has a denser taste and smell but its effect is also stronger, as terpene molecules interact with the endocannabinoid system just like all the cannabinoids do.

Once you consume terp juice, the terpenes start to work together with cannabinoids and help them penetrate the blood system. The more terpenes the product has, the faster and the stronger is the effect. And terp juice (if it is well made, of course) is one of the most flavor-intense cannabis concentrates you can buy today—tasty, fragrant, and potent.

How to make terp juice?

You may know terp juice as “live resin," “terp sap," or even as “holy water." No matter what it is called, all these substances are made in a similar way. As any other marijuana concentrates, terp juice is made by using extraction methods. As a result, you will get something similar to butane hash oil. The only difference is in the material you use: it should be either flash frozen or freshly cut marijuana.

The thing is, after the cannabis plant is harvested, cannabinoids and terpenes immediately start to degrade. This is why it is so important to use only fresh plants or at least those that were frozen right after the harvest. This way, you can take almost the whole terpene content from the flowers and leaves, which otherwise would break down is you left them to dry.

Why are terpenes important?

We have gotten used to thinking that only THC and CBD percentage in the cannabis plant influence the effect of the plant on our body and mind. But the more studies there are about cannabis, the more educated we become, and the clearer it becomes that terpenes are as important as other cannabinoid components in marijuana.

So, to define the properties of cannabis, we should pay attention not only to the CBD\THC concentration but also to the amount of different kinds of terpenes there are in a substance.

For instance, Linalool terpene is responsible for the strain smelling like a sweet flower or even candy, it can also resemble lavender aroma. Linalool is good for anxiety relief, and combining it with some other cannabinoids will make the anticonvulsant properties of marijuana stronger and more effective. You may find this terpene in LA Confidential and G13 strains.

Caryophyllene is another terpene that can be found in the cannabis plant. It has a bit spicy, pepper-like aroma. It activates the same receptors as THC, which gives this terpene very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is also good for treating arthritis and dealing with gastrointestinal problems and autoimmune disorders. Hash Plant has the highest Caryophyllene percentage.

The most popular terpene is, probably, Myrcene, which can be found in marijuana resin. It provides a musky, earthy, citrus-like aroma. Myrcene works as a natural sedative and analgetic remedy, therefore, it can help treat pain, insomnia, and depression. You can also find this terpene in lemongrass and mango. As for the cannabis strains, Skunk #1, White Widdow, and Pure Kush are especially rich in this kind of terpene.

So next time you are in your local dispensary, ask for terp juice; if you are lucky enough to find if, it will be definitely worth trying.