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Mar 30, 2016 6:01 PM

Three Non-Alcohol Cannabis Drinks You Must Try

Smoke it! Eat it! Vape it! And drink it! Combining beverages and marijuana is a hot but not a new trend. Raise a glass with one of these weed drinks in it and take on the day with a smooth buzz and a grin a mile wide.

Cannabis has a 2,000-year history as a homeopathic treatment, so we are not creating anything new here. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 23 states, four of which (Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon) permit legal recreational use. Finally, “drinkables," or marijuana-infused beverages, are reaching the shelves of the recreational weed shops, so you can simply go to the closest medical marijuana dispensary and buy a liquid treat whenever you want.

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, people expand their views of what weed is capable of and how it can suit the palate of both those who smoke and eat. Or in our case, drink. The active ingredients present in strains can be injected into different types of liquids and then used for making various cocktails.


Which elixir has the balanced contents perfect for starting a day and ending a night? Right, coffee. Imagine that your morning cup of steaming liquid can also relieve pain, stress, and more. Cool, right?

This dark black noble drink has a long-standing history: the legend of coffee's origin states that it was discovered in the distant 10th century. For a cannabis connoisseur, consuming pot in the morning has a new unique connotation—caffeine and cannabis in the same cup. There are so many ways you could put these two things together: infused hot coffee with cannabis honey tincture, ice cannacoffee shake, coffee with cannamilk, straight-edge weed-vaporized coffee, a popular infused bulletproof coffee, and so on and so forth. So, the only thing we can do is wait for the cannabis coffee house to open. Stonebucks, anyone?

For those who want to use their own herbs and beans, the cooking process is pretty simple. Just combine buds with 2-3 tablespoon coffee, then brew it as usual. Put water into your Turkish coffee pot, add cannacoffee and a tablespoon of butter or coconut oil, and bring the mixture to boil. Now you can enjoy your cup of medicated marijuana drink! You can also experiment and add cinnamon, orange juice, honey, nutmeg, or Irish whiskey to your cup of coffee. As with all marijuana-infused food, it needs nearly an hour to show its full effect.


Looking for refreshing drinks? Cannabis lemonade is the beverage that you can drink no matter what time of the year it is, cold or warm. Delicious and powerful, this drink is the timeless classic and the perfect option for medicating. Make a sparkling, cold beverage next time you feel like having a cocktail but replace alcohol with healthy medicinal cannabis.

While making ice-cold infused beverages at home, do not forget that the herb needs to be heated in order to activate the THC in it. Start with juicing the lemons. Combine 6 cups of filtered water, 1 ½ cups of juice, and 1 cup of sugar. Add 4 tbsp of cannabis tincture, stir the liquid, and take a sip of the delicious lemonade. If you cannot stop with one sip and keep wanting more, you did everything right.


Punch is cool. This festive, delicious spiced aroma beverage is perfect for a holiday gathering. And cannabis takes the good old punch to a completely different level. Replacing the traditional whiskey with marijuana extract is a very effective way to make a weed drink, as punch will affect you faster than most infused edibles.

According to its old-school recipe, punch is made up of five component: water, alcohol, citrus, spice, and oleosaccharum. But we are going to tell you the new fresh way to cook your favorite beverage. Replace the water and alcohol with fruit juice and cannabis, adding a small amount of coconut oil. After all, mixology is all about finding the balance in a cocktail where the flavors complement each other and melt together into one cohesive sip. Experiment and have fun!

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