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Nov 28, 2016 12:05 PM

Three Types of Grinders You Definitely Need to Try

Many experienced cannabis users argue that grinding the herb before consuming it has a great deal of advantages. It can easily increase the surface area of the flower, providing a more effective burn. But what are the differences between various types of herbal grinders? How to choose the one that will suit you the most?

Metal Grinders

Most metal grinders are shock-proof, as they are usually made of titanium or aluminum. Their quality and durability are the highest between all types of grinders. Although they are a little bit expensive, you will enjoy using your metal grinder for a minimum of five years.

Wooden Grinders

A wooden grinder is a real treasure for the fans of craftsmanship in their weed products. Often being a work of art, a wooden grinder is also extremely effective at busting up cannabis. However, heavy cannabis users will need to find a more long-lasting grinder: the teeth of wooden grinders often wear down and fall off. Moreover, some grinders may have problems with moisture.

Acrylic grinders

An acrylic grinder is one of the most popular accessories among pot users. They can last a really long time if used carefully. These tools are available at reasonable prices. However, the lifetime of an acrylic grinder depends on the thickness of its plastic.

There is a common myth that acrylic grinders can pollute your herb. That is definitely not true. Acrylic’s melting point is usually over 150°C, so just keep it away from lighters and torches.

An acrylic grinder is the best choice for a holiday weekend and traveling, as well as for those who consume cannabis for just a couple of times a week.