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Sep 24, 2016 9:30 AM

Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis-Infused Moisturizers

Using cannabis-infused topicals is an extremely effective way to make your skin smooth and beautiful. Whether you need to combat dry skin or soothe your sore muscles, cannabis-infused creams, lotions, and balms can be really helpful. Below are the top ten cannabis-infused topicals that can do wonders to your skin.Cannabis-Infused Moisturizers

1. Kush Cremes

Kush Cremes face and eye cream with aloe contains emu oil that deals with your natural pH. As the cream is hypoallergenic, it can reduce wrinkles and treat acne, improving the condition of your sensitive skin.

2. Mary Jane’s Salve

Mary Jane’s Salve is a painkiller that can ease headaches and even decrease cramps. A younger-looking skin will be an additional benefit for your great look.

3. Dixie Elixirs Muscle Relief Lotion

This lotion is a perfect solution for tired and sore muscles. Infused with the THC-extracted CO2, it can make your muscles active in a few minutes, while the amazing smell of rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood will wrap you in a pleasant haze.

4. Doc Green’s Canna Balm

Doc Green’s Canna Balm contains about 500 mg of cannabinoids, which makes it one of the strongest cannabis-infused topicals. Moreover, it can heal burns, relieve skin irritation, and be used for a range of other skin conditions. Doc Green’s Canna Balm is a must-have in your bathroom.

5. Cannabis Basics XXX Body Rescue Butter

Cannabis Basics XXX Body Rescue Butter can alleviate symptoms of arthritis, and carpal tunnel, as well as relieve almost all of your pains. Together, hemp seed oil, shea, jojoba, and aloe is a perfect combination for rescuing your skin.

6. Cannabis Basics Ink 20/20

Do you often get tattoos? Then, this product was designed for you! Cannabis Basics Ink 20/20 will protect your new tattoos from sunlight, and its anti-bacterial properties will fight off any infection. Just use it within 24 hours after receiving your new tattoo.

7. Empower Body Care Empower Oil

From bug bites to eczema, this oil can handle it all. Moreover, it is 100% vegan. A roll-on form is convenient for applying on-the-go.

8. Apothecanna Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil

Make your sex life more diverse with this intimacy oil. It can increase blood flow, enhance sensitivity, and provide you with new feelings of pleasure.

9. Apothecanna Calming Body Creme

This calming body cream is designed for all skin types. With its combination of cannabis, lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, this cream is ideal for stressful times.

10. Whoopi & Maya Rub Body Balm

This product can provide relief from any dermatological condition, including psoriasis and eczema. Moreover, it can ease painful menstrual cramps that disturb many women.