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Jul 13, 2017 12:05 PM

Top 3 Places for Cannabis-Related Getaway in California

Although the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in California last year, most pot consumers continue to smoke joints in their garages. There is no need to do that anymore! The booming cannabis market in the state has already created numerous 420-friendly tourist locations.

This year, California offers various destinations that allow both locals and out-of-state visitors to use marijuana. There are weed-themed festivals, yoga camps, retreats, hotels, and even spa resorts for tourists who do not want to stop using marijuana during their summer vacation.

Meanwhile, there are still some legislative issues in California that are slowing down the development of cannabis-friendly tourist destinations. Retail sales of marijuana will be allowed only in 2018, and the federal administration still keeps cannabis businesses in fear.

Fortunately, there are some pioneering start-ups that offer 420-friendly getaways in California. Let us take a closer look at them.

10 Places Where You Can Enjoy Cannabis During Summer Vacation
10 Places Where You Can Enjoy Cannabis During Summer Vacation
Summer is already here, and that means that it is time for a vacation! Have you already planned your next trip? In case you are still wondering where to go to, take a look at our list of ten cannabis-friendly places all over the world.

Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch

Located in the heart of the Trinity Alps, the hotel offers a cannabis-friendly atmosphere in the midst of stunning nature. Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch is a great tourist destination for those who want to combine outdoor activities with marijuana consumption. You can stay either in a tent on the campsite for $40 per night or at the ranch house for $425. The price for the room also includes meals, cannabis, and activities.

The hotel has happy hours for marijuana consumers when they can enjoy weed-based edibles and appetizers. All meals in the restaurant are made from products grown on a local farm. As for the daily outdoor activities, you can opt for horseback riding, hiking, fishing, or boating.

Ganja Goddess Getaway

This cannabis-friendly hotel is a special place for women, where they can relax and consume cannabis for lifting their spirits. The mission of the resort is to connect women and let them open their inner goddess. While visiting the Ganja Goddess Getaway in Pescadero, women have a great opportunity to unwind and have time to focus on themselves.

You can book a ticket for one of their upcoming tours that include cannabis products, outdoor activities, and workshops. For instance, a one-night tour for $420 will come with a swag bag full of ganja products worth more than $200, camp-style accommodations, and unlimited access to various activities. All activities are aimed at renewing energy and awakening self-love. You can participate in such typically female activities as yoga, singing, painting, swimming, and hiking.

Arizona Dispensary Offers Yoga Classes for Medical Cannabis Patients
Arizona Dispensary Offers Yoga Classes for Medical Cannabis Patients
Marijuana and yoga feel like a perfect match—it is ideal for those who want to improve their physical and mental health. Yoga can easily make your muscles stronger, lower your blood sugar, protect your spine, and make you much happier, while cannabis is an excellent way to relieve pain and relax. An Arizona medical marijuana dispensary decided to offer yoga classes for medical cannabis patients to enhance their feelings and explore both practices more deeply.

Living Waters Spa

If you want to relax and forget about your daily worries, then Living Waters Spa can offer you an unforgettable vacation. Here, you can soak in mineral water pools while smoking your favorite cannabis strain. The resort is perfect for medical marijuana users who want to combine traditional procedures with alternative treatment. There is a 25% discount for breast cancer survivors. The hotel is intended for relaxing vacations, so no children and pets are allowed.

Visiting this spa resort, you can also have a rejuvenating massage or enjoy visiting the Joshua Tree National Park located nearby. The apartments are in European style. You can choose between poolside rooms and spa condos. The room price varies from $169 to $260 per night; a one-week stay at a condo will cost you $899.

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New Weed-Friendly RV Park to Appear in Oregon
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