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May 28, 2016 11:30 AM

Top 5 Indica-Dominant Strains for Sativa Fans

Usually, by the time you visit a marijuana dispensary, you have already decided what type of weed you want. Knowing the difference between indica and sativa, you will probably choose indica for relaxation and sativa for an energy rush. However, some cannabis strains may affect you in the opposite way to what you expect.

Top 5 Indica-Dominant Strains for Sativa Fans

Practically, it is not so easy to predict how a particular strain will affect you as many factors influence the final result. If you want to find your best cannabis strain, pay attention to the growing conditions of weed, its quality, as well as your psychological state and expectations from the cannabis you decide to consume.

Even if you are a fan of sativa-dominant strains, the following indicas can also surprise you with their uplifting and energizing effects. Though you should not expect a great burst of creativity and energy from these indicas, their cerebral effect will certainly make you feel upbeat and optimistic.


Somango is a very popular strain among sativa lovers because of its ability to make consumers focused and creative. Moreover, Somango has a unique mango flavor that you can rarely find in other indica strains. Thanks to its high content of CBD, this strain is ideally suited for those who are seeking relief from inflammation, chronic pain, and muscle tension. Despite its indica dominance, this hybrid will keep you energized and creative to perform activities like drawing pictures, writing stories, or composing music.

Power Kush

By choosing Power Kush among other indica-dominant strains, you are making sure you will get a boost of energy and euphoria without any signs of drowsiness. Though the cerebral high of this hybrid is not as strong as that of an average sativa strain, this cannabis will keep you cold-minded and focused in any stressful situation you may have during the day. Sativa fans appreciate this strain for its beneficial effects in treating mood disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Purple Chemdawg

Purple Chemdawg is a great genetic mix of hybrid Chemdawg and indica Purple Kush that united the best features of these strains in a balanced way. With its sweet, earthy grape flavor, this indica-dominant hybrid will provide you with an energetic head high and body relaxation. Many weed users find this strain unique for its ability to calm their body and awaken their mind.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane is an indica-leaning hybrid bred by crossing AK-47, Mango, and White Widow. Sativa lovers choose this strain for its ability to relax their bodies without making them couch-locked. Its sweet flavor of mango and citrus will remind you of winter holidays, and 18% of THC will definitely improve your mood and make you talkative. Some consumers report that Candy Cane provides them with an energetic high that relaxes their body but leaves their mind clear. Medical patients also opt for this hybrid when they need to get rid of depression or chronic pain.

Alien Dawg

If you prefer sativa strains over indicas, you should also give Alien Dawg a try. This indica-dominant hybrid has a very strong potency up to 20% of THC that will impress you with its brilliant physical and cerebral effects. Cannabis aficionados find this strain a great solution for keeping their mood positive and mind concentrated. The best time to consume this weed is during the daytime, as it provides you with enough energy to manage your daily duties.