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Jul 5, 2016 9:00 AM

Top 7 Marijuana-Infused Condiments You Can Find in Any Cannabis Dispensary

Today, cannabis dispensaries have a lot to offer. There is not only a wide selection of marijuana strains but also various weed-infused edibles to choose from. Moreover, you can cook any edible at home using special ingredients from the headshops. If you are going to bake a cake, simply buy some cannabis butter to make it potent. Are you in the mood for a cocktail? Buy any marijuana tincture to add to your drink. Do you want to make your everyday dish marijuana-infused? No problem. Cannabis condiments will help you diversify even the simplest dish you cook.

Marijuana-infused condiments are especially great in case you want to cook the dish both for those who like weed edibles and those who do not want to get high. For instance, let us imagine that you decided to make hamburgers. You can cook some of them with special cannabis-infused ketchup and others with regular ketchup. It is a perfect option in case you are going to invite friends but are not sure that all of them are ready to enjoy potent dishes.

Here is the list of seven best marijuana-infused condiments you can buy in any dispensary to create an amazing alternative to your everyday dishes.

Freddie’s Hott Sauce

The citizens of California are pretty lucky to live in the home state of Freddie’s Hott Sauce. This condiment is a medicated hot sauce that comes in 8-oz bottles. Each bottle contains 420 milligrams of THC, which makes this sauce rather potent. However, Freddie’s Hott Sauce does not only provide marijuana patients with a steady high; it also pleases them with its incredible flavor.

“Terpiyaki” Sauce by Chef Nugs

Stoney Sauces by Chef Nugs are a series of extra-delicious marijuana-infused products such as soy sauce, maple syrup, ketchup, dabasco sauce, and others. The series also includes terpiyaki sauce, which gained popularity due to its great taste. The terpiyaki sauce contains 300 milligrams of THC and can be a healthy and potent complement to every dish you cook.

Goldney Farms Medicated Ketchup

This savory ketchup is a must-have condiment for every person who likes to cook such dishes as hamburgers, fries, or steaks. Goldney Farms Medicated Ketchup is an extra-potent edible that contains pure shatter.

Yummi Karma THC Ketchup

Yummi Karma is known for its tasty marijuana-infused ketchup that comes in 50-milligram packets. The packaging of the ketchup is very convenient. Do you want to make some fries? Substitute the regular ketchup for Yummi Karma’s one and feel the difference!

Chef Nico’s Cannabis Sauces

Chef Nico created a series of cannabis-infused sauces. All of them are great and can be easily used while cooking your favorite dishes or as a complement to the ready-made ones. Try Chef Nico’s ketchup, mustard, hot or steak sauce and enjoy their divine taste.

Cannabis Sriracha Sauce by Lorax Labs&Cannasutra Collective

This spicy and delicious sriracha cannabis sauce is one of the best sauces we have ever tasted. Actually, the High Times Cannabis Cup jury proved it by granting this sauce with the third place prize. Sriracha sauce comes in 2-oz packaging that contains 400 milligrams of THC.

Marijuana Mustard & Cannabis Ketchup by The Herbal Chef

High-quality products and perfect taste are two main edibles standards for Chris Sayegh, the owner and head chef of The Herbal Chef. Actually, after you try his Marijuana Mustard & Cannabis Ketchup, you will no longer doubt that he speaks the truth. This is a perfect marijuana-infused edible that will make the dishes tastier and more sophisticated.

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