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Apr 26, 2017 12:05 PM

Unexpected Relatives in World of Cannabis

Though there are not less than a thousand cannabis strains, many of them share genetics. There are often some common traits that unite “the relatives.” However, some siblings are so different that you will be surprised by their connection.

Let us look at the most interesting parents and siblings of the cannabis world.

Blueberry Family

Blueberry is one of the most delicious strains available in the market today. Its great terpene profile makes the herb quite popular among breeders. The Blueberry strain has a lot of children that have inherited the sweet berry flavor of their parent. Its most notable descendants are Blue Dream, Berry White, and Blue Cheese.

Berry White is popular due to its dreamy euphoric high that makes you spacey and constantly smiling. It is one of the most popular indica strains for people who want to escape our stressful reality. The herb received these lulling effects from its second parent—White Widow.

Blue Dream shares its rich berry flavor with its first sibling. However, the effects are quite different. Because of the mild uplifting high of this weed, you would never guess that it has a common ancestor with Berry White. It is a perfect strain for novice smokers who are not ready for heavy-hitters yet.

5 Secrets of Blue Dream Strain Popularity
5 Secrets of Blue Dream Strain Popularity
Although there is a great variety of medical cannabis strains, Blue Dream appears to be the best-selling strain in several states of America. In this article, we tried to reveal what makes this sativa-dominant hybrid so popular among cannabis consumers.

Another Blueberry child, Blue Cheese, is both similar to and different from its relatives. The influence of its second parent, U.K. Cheese, was a huge game-changer for both its flavor and impact. It is relaxing like Berry White, but not quite to such an extent. The taste of this herb is unique—mostly creamy and cheesy, with a little addition of sweet berry notes that linger in your mouth upon exhale.

Girl Scout Cookies Family

Another strain that is valued among breeders is Girl Scout Cookies. This plant has already proved its upper-class status during all the years of its existence. Besides its magical effects, the herb is a real treasure due to its genetics. In combination with other strains, it produces many diverse children. The possibilities are countless. Let us look at two strains that are so different that you can hardly assume their relation.

Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain Review
Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain Review
Girl Scout Cookies is arguably the most popular strain today. You cannot find a stoner who does not know about this strain. Moreover, Girl Scout Cookies is universal and easily enters the list of people's favorites. We have long waited for the opportunity to present you with the strain that will most likely satisfy your needs.

Sunset Sherbet is close to its parent flavor-wise. It tastes of sweet fruity sherbet. However, it is leaning towards its indica roots more than the original GSC does. The effects are relaxing and heady.

Its sibling is Moon Cookies. Though it contains a hint of its genetics in its name, this strain tastes nothing like it should. Despite the fact that it is a cross of GSC with its own phenotype, the resulted bouquet is woody and earthy. Both the aroma and taste are very rich and heavy without any sweetness to them. Yet, knowing its genetics, you can track those slight notes of cookie dough. The effects also lean toward the relaxing indica side.

Jack Herer Family

Finally, let us look at the family of the iconic Jack Herer that continues to expand with each passing day. Most of us know this herb as a heavy-hitter that does not lose its position in the list of the strongest strains.

Jack Herer Strain Review
Jack Herer Strain Review
Today's star of our review is the Jack Herer strain. This sativa-dominant strain is as famous as its namesake—a person who wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes and is an avid cannabis activist.

Thus, we expect all Jack Herer offsprings to be just as potent as it is. Well, most of them are just as intense. For example, Amnesia is very similar to its “dad.” It is a heavy-hitting sativa-dominant strain that elevates your mood and gives you energy. It brings creativity and is good for treating mood disorders. Its flavor is also powerful‪—pungent and earthy.

Amnesia Strain Review
Amnesia Strain Review
The original Amnesia strain is sativa-dominant cannabis that is famous for its high potency. This strain has been ranked as the best strain of Dutch coffeeshops for several years—in fact, you can find Amnesia in almost every establishment as this strain is arguably the most widespread choice of both Dutch tourists and the locals.

Surprisingly, its sibling is JX-13, which also provides you with an uplifting and creative high. The similarities end there. Unlike Amnesia, XJ-13 is a lightweight strain that is easy on beginners. The flavor is as light as the effects. The herb combines pine and citrus notes to create something crispy and fresh.

As we may see, marijuana relatives can be as different as night and day. At the same time, some of them are very alike. Digging into the genetics of your favorite herbs can allow you to uncover many interesting aspects of marijuana.

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