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Jul 11, 2016 9:05 AM

Wanted: Sommeliers for Recreational and Medical Marijuana Strains

The weed industry is expanding by the day, offering lots and lots of cannabis products and various recreational and medical weed strains. Fortunately, cannabis use is gradually losing its prohibited status, which gives the green light to small and big businesses to develop and grow. Moreover, the progressive growth of cannabis industry offers a lot of working positions in this field.

Nowadays, marijuana patients are not stuck with the weed products that are available; they have the option to choose the best ones that satisfy their personal needs. That is why the marijuana industry feels the need in such specialized experts as sommeliers to make their products better and attract more customers.

Marijuana Strains Tasting

Amsterdam and Colorado have already understood that cannabis products need to be tasted by sommeliers the same way as any other products like, for instance, wine or cheese. Sommeliers should degustate various weed strains to review and analyze their taste, smell, potency, and effects.

Actually, you can find sommeliers that have already started writing their reviews for various magazines or YouTube channels. Currently, a lot of marijuana patients prefer looking through their reviews before deciding on buying a specific weed strain or a cannabis-infused edible. You can also see such specialists in many Amsterdam-based coffeeshops.

Potency of Marijuana Strains

As today a lot of marijuana devotees buy marijuana not only for the purpose of getting high, cannabis industries should provide them with the high-quality goods that would satisfy their needs. That is why it is very important to hire specialists who would distinguish not only the taste and aroma of weed strains but also the type of the effects they provide. As you know, some marijuana strains are relaxing, while others will make you uplifted or creative. It happens because marijuana is a mixture of psychoactive components, like THC and CBD, and terpenes, which are the organic compounds that scent the weed. Each strain has a different set of these components, which influences its potency and effects. That is why each marijuana strain is to be investigated by sommeliers who should know for sure its therapeutic properties. Cannabis users should be aware of the various effects that marijuana strains provide for their body and mind. A professional sommelier will easily consult you and help you choose the right weed strain that would make sure you have a nice experience.

Appearance of Marijuana Flowers

Sommeliers should not only be specialists within the sphere of smoking. They also have to be experienced in examining the marijuana flowers themselves and able to describe the trichomes of each strain they deal with. Sommeliers should easily identify whether the cannabis plant is healthy and insect-free. They evaluate the color, structure, ripeness of the marijuana flowers and determine its density and moisture.

Further Development

Currently, the job of a marijuana sommelier is highly in demand. The Trichome Institute in Denver, Colorado, has already developed an Interpening course for future cannabis sommeliers. A lot of dispensaries are hiring such specialists to make sure their customers receive the marijuana products they really need and are informed about their potency and effects.

As we can notice, the cannabis industry is expanding, and it is quite exciting to see this sphere becoming more organized, regulated, and developed.