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Aug 9, 2017 12:05 PM

Weed Is Coming: Five Strains for Watching the Last Season of “Game of Thrones”

In just a few weeks, a great story will come to its end. It means that we need to face the finale fully armed. Therefore, the next time you go to a dispensary, why not pick up a special treatment that will help you become fully involved in what is going on on the screen?

Not only are there strains on the market that resemble names and titles from the “Game of Thrones,” but you can even find a few flowers that have a direct connection to the series and were bred by the true fans of the show.

Indica-dominant Whitewalker OG

THC: 15%-18%

It may seem cool to be a White Walker in Westeros, but we need to warn you that after consuming Whitewalker OG you will probably not be able to go anywhere, let alone conquer new lands or ride a horse. The effect this strain provides is similar to what a Three-Eyed Raven can do to Hodor: you will be couch-locked and barely able to mumble anything. Yes, this strain is really powerful, it can knock you down and make you feel like a living dead. For these impressive effects, this strain even won the 2013 High Times Amsterdam Cup.

It is an indica phenotype of SFV (San Fernando Valley) OG Kush bred by Gold Coast Connection. The breeder does not recommend growing the strain beyond the Wall; it is better to bring it somewhere where the sun is more appreciated. The sunnier it is, the frostier the buds are, and the more powerful the effects become. Whitewalker OG is also recommended for those who work as intensely as the members of Night Watch and may suffer from stress, nightmares, or insomnia.

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Sativa-dominant Whitewalker Kush

THC: 22%

For those who do not want to turn into a zombie, Whitewalker OG's sister that leans to the sativa side will be more useful. Whitewalker Kush was created by combining the infamous Skywalker and the Ingamar cut of White Widow. It also has powerful sedative effects, but they are combined with an intense euphoric boost and uplifting high. This strain is well-suited for the evenings when you can be sure no army will attack your kingdom. This way, you can also treat your headache or insomnia and enjoy the specific aroma of these buds. The frosty flowers scatter a sweet, spicy, and herbal scent with strong piny notes that become a bit citrusy upon exhale. Whitewalker Kush has many features that can persuade you to use it again and again. It even won first place at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup, so you can be sure that this strain is indeed as powerful as the real White Walkers.

Indica Blackwater

THC: 19%

CBD: 1%

Even though the Blackwater battle was a long time ago, the memory of it is still bright and vivid. And we bet you will remember smoking the Blackwater strain for years, too.

It is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by The Cali Connection that combined Mendocino Purps and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. The buds are colored in deep purple and deliver a sweet grape aroma with piney and lemony undertones. With the Blackwater strain, you will feel no worries about battles and possible wildfire attacks: the flowers provides you with a head-to-toe euphoric calm that removes all signs of stress and anxiety, leaving you in mental cloudiness and pleasant stone. Due to these effects, the strain took third place in the indica category at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.

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Sativa-dominant 3 Kings

THC: 14%

CBD: 1%

There are only three powerful rulers left in Westeros, and the 3 Kings strain will create a proper mood for fighting on one of the sides: you will become focused, energized, and full of happiness. This strain was created by combining the genetics of OG Kush, Headband, and Sour Diesel, and it soon became one of the most popular buds in the world.

The great battle between Cersei, Khaleesi, and Jon Snow is coming, but we know that the danger from the North is approaching as well. The 3 Kings strain will fully prepare you for the fight by relieving your pain, inflammation, and headache. Even if you are going to face the battle by sitting on your couch in front of the screen, it still can serve you well and brighten your evening with an uplifting euphoria.

Sativa-dominant Killer Queen

THC: 16%

This strain is definitely not as powerful as Cersei, yet you will get the same amount of energy the Killer Queen of Westeros has. The high starts with a buzzing feeling in the face and behind the eyes and then progresses into a mellow, relaxing euphoria. This strain was created by crossing Cinderella 99 and G13, and that is where it got its pleasant tropical flavor and herbal aroma from.

The Killer Queen strain is perfect for relieving stress after a long, difficult day (and we believe all days are long and stressful when you are close to a powerful ruler whose heart is full of hatred). The flower can also help you treat depression and anxiety.

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They say there is a Khaleesi Kush strain somewhere, though only a few people claim they saw it. This flower is allegedly the result of crossbreeding Pakistani Kush and Bubblegun. It has a sweet bubblegum flavor and flowers as beautiful as Khaleesi herself. We hope this strain will soon conquer our hearts just like Daenerys Stormborn did.

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