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Jun 26, 2017 12:05 PM

Weed Smokers Are More Socially Active and Successful Than Non-Smokers

In contradiction to the popular belief that weed smokers tend to be less active and successful in the society, a new consumer study reveals that the classic stereotype about stoners has changed for good.

BSD Analytics has recently conducted a consumer study on 2,000 people including 1,200 marijuana consumers in California and Colorado. The researchers aimed to provide the most detailed portrait of a marijuana user in both states.

All participants of the study were divided into three groups: consumers—those who had used weed in the last six months, acceptors—those who supported cannabis but did not use it, and rejecters—those who were strongly against marijuana use.

How Much Average Legal Consumer Spends on Weed Products
How Much Average Legal Consumer Spends on Weed Products
How much do you spend on weed products annually? What types of pot products do you prefer? How often do you visit your local dispensary? In order to find answers to these questions, Headset Inc. collected data from legal cannabis headshops in Washington and analyzed the sales numbers.

During the study, the researchers discovered that 64 percent of Colorado consumers had full-time jobs as opposed to 51% of acceptors and 54% of rejecters.

Moreover, the average yearly household income of consumers in California was estimated at $93,800, which was $17,900 higher than that of rejecters and $21,000 higher than the salary of acceptors.

Additionally, marijuana users appeared to be more educated than the participants of the other two groups. Thus, 20 percent of consumers from California held a master's degree while only 12 percent of rejecters and 13 percent of acceptors had the same level of education.

Besides, marijuana consumers appeared to be more satisfied with their lives than other participants of the study. For instance, 5 in 10 Colorado consumers reported that they liked their life more today than a year before, while only 4 in 10 respondents in the groups of rejecters and acceptors provided the same answer.

Men and Millennials Are Most Numerous Marijuana Consumers
Men and Millennials Are Most Numerous Marijuana Consumers
Although marijuana has already been legalized in 25 American states and D.C., women are more suspicious about buying legal cannabis than men. According to a recent report made by Headset, there are only 31.1% of women among marijuana consumers versus 68.9% of men.

According to Linda Gilbert from BDS Analytics, marijuana consumers showed more positive indicators of their lifestyle than the other two groups of participants. For example, 36 percent of Colorado consumers reported that they were very social people while only 28 percent of rejecters and 21 percent of acceptors agreed with this statement.

In addition, weed consumers also appeared to be more likely to enjoy outdoor activities and describe themselves as nurturing and helpful people. The findings also showed that 64 percent of California consumers had children; this indicator was lower by up to 10 percent in the other two groups.

All these findings allow researchers to conclude that the popular stereotype of cannabis consumers does not meet the present realities. The study shows that today weed users are more successful in life and career than those who refuse from marijuana consumption. More information on the results of the study can be found on the official website of BSD Analytics.

Marijuana Use Rapidly Increases Among Baby Boomers
Marijuana Use Rapidly Increases Among Baby Boomers
A recent nationwide survey has found that cannabis users include an increasing number of adults over 50 in the U.S. The number of older people smoking marijuana has gone up by 70% over the last ten years according to the study published in the journal Addiction.