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Jan 8, 2019 10:10 AM

What are the Best Cannabis Events in 2019?

Here we are again at the start of a new year...many things are different each year (each month really) in the cannabis policy landscape. With more states legalizing cannabis to varying degrees, there is only room for more cannabis events. There are events anywhere from full blown B2B expos to pop-up infused dinners to cannabis and wellness retreats. Some events listed below apply more to cannabis industry professionals and some apply more to cannabis enthusiasts and consumers, while many cater to both. We encourage you to check out each event platform to see which events suit you best!

Want to have your event featured? Comment on the post below with a link to your event and we will email you!

Also, here are some ongoing event platforms that have too many events to list here that we love and would encourage you to check out as well:

High Times Cannabis Cup



10-13: Lift&Co. Cannabis Business Conference and Expo - Vancouver, B.C.

23-24: Cannabis Collaborative Conference (CCC) - Portland, OR

26-27: Indo Expo - Denver, CO

31-February 2: CannaCon - Seattle, WA


12-13: NCIA Seed to Sale Show - Boston, MA

12-13: Cannatech Conference - Panama


15-16: CBD Expo Midwest - Indianapolis, IN

29-31: The Global Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference - Chicago, IL


1-3: Cannabis Conference - Las Vegas, NV

1-3: Cannatech Conference - Tel Aviv

8-10: Cannabis Science Conference East - Baltimore, MD

18-19: CannaCon - Oklahoma City, OK

19-21: Cascade Classic - Lincoln City, OR

25-27: O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo - Toronto, Ontario

TBA: Indo Expo - San Francisco, CA


3-4: Canna Ciencia - Bogota, Colombia

29-June 1: Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition - New York, NY

TBA: Cannabiz Expo - Sacramento, CA


6-9: Lift&Co. Cannabis Business Expo - Toronto, Ontario

12-14: MJBizCon NEXT - New Orleans, LA

21-22: CannaCon - Detroit, MI

TBA: CBD Expo Northeast - Southbury, CT


22-24: NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo - San Jose, CA


17-18: Cannagrow Expo - Palm Springs, CA

TBA: Indo Expo - Portland, OR


4-6: Cannabis Science Conference West - Portland, OR

12-14: Grow Up Conference and Expo - Niagara Falls, ON

25-28: Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo - Los Angeles, CA


11-12: CBD Expo Mountain - Denver, CO

23-26: Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo - Boston, MA


TBA: MJBizCon - Las Vegas, NV


10: National Cannabis Business Award Globes - Las Vegas, NV

TBA: Emerald Cup - Sonoma County, CA

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