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Apr 12, 2016 8:45 AM

What Hybrid Marijuana Strain Is the Strongest?

Even with an extensive variety of marijuana strains we have nowadays, we often search for something new. Experienced stoners prefer to look for the strongest strains to experience a high that they will not forget for a long time. As it turns out, hybrid strains are the best choice in terms of high THC level.

The Strongest Marijuana Hybrid Strain

Bruce Banner

You may say that this marijuana strain is as strong as Hulk. And it is almost true. There are several Bruce Banner varieties, and all of them are strong enough to be considered the best. Any of them can calm down even the strains' namesake beast, whose destruction force is incredible. He will feel both uplifted mentally and relaxed physically. Maybe, the strain's effects were the reason for such a creative name. The content of THC in Bruce Banner reaches up to 28%. While the main Bruce Banner strain has a sweet, pungent taste, its most popular relative Bruce Banner #3 has a prominent diesel flavor with a slightly sweet aftertaste.


A-Dub in an indica-dominant hybrid that also has an impressive level of THC that in general reaches 27% and sometimes may even grow up to 32%. Because of its extreme potency, A-Dub is not recommended for beginners. Do not plan on doing anything after you consume it—you will be left relaxed and happy. The strain also influences your creativity, so be ready for a rush of inspiration. The skunky smell of A-Dub suits its woody flavor greatly. However, the subtle sweet notes make the taste exquisite and rich. You will not forget this high for a long time.


Another potent strain is R-18. Its high content of THC also allowed it to enter the list of the strongest strains on the market. Being the most obscure hybrid strain on our list, R-18 is reported to have as much as 27% of THC. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about its CBD level. The content of CBD is very low, and the strain is not recommended for treating most conditions that require marijuana remedies. However, anxiety and stress are exceptions and can be successfully eliminated by R-18. Being the phenotype of OG Kush, R-18 has a similar flavor of earth and wood.

Tickle Kush

A sudden rush of the strain's popularity happened in 2014, when Tickle Kush entered the list of the strongest strains of weed ever. What is more, it took the fourth place and surprised all marijuana enthusiasts. So, what is so great about this strain that it suddenly went from rags to riches?

Tickle Kush was created by a Colorado company Greenwerkz. Good genetics made this hybrid incredibly potent. The parents of the strain are two other cannabis hybrids—Chemdawg and LA Kush. The strain's level of THC is impressive—it reaches up to 27,5%. Besides, Tickle Kush is also a tasty strain with the flavor of apples and berries. It seems that Greenwerkz has created one of the best cannabis strains ever.

Girl Scout Cookies

Though many people still argue about the strength of this strain, it usually contains about 25% of THC. There are several phenotypes of Girl Scout Cookies, but all of them are incredibly popular in their homeland, California. The outer beauty of the strain is complemented by its pleasant effects of heavenly euphoria and relaxation. Flavor-wise, the strain is praised for its sweet and earthy notes that together create a wonderful bouquet. GSC is often used for medical purposes as a remedy for severe pain, appetite loss, and depression.

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