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Jun 25, 2016 9:15 AM

What is a Headshop of Your Dreams? 7 Best Places to Buy Weed Edibles in the U.S.

There are a lot of customers who prefer to buy marijuana edibles through the Internet. While it is rather easy to find the best online headshop and order anything you like, there are still lots of marijuana devotees who like to visit the actual headshops and choose among various types of weed edibles. So, if you consider yourself a traveler and adore marijuana-connected adventures, here is the list of seven best headshops in the U.S.

Best Places to Buy Weed Edibles in the U.S.

Denver Relief

This headshop is located in Denver, CO, and will easily satisfy the needs of both medical and recreational marijuana patients. Denver Relief has a wide selection of weed strains. However, its collection of edibles is even better and is considered to be one of the best in the U.S. It does not matter whether you are a low- or high-tolerance patient, in Denver Relief, you will always find everything you need. Moreover, the headshop cooperates with such world-famous companies as Cheeba Chews, Sweet Mary Jane, and many others.

Club Sky High

This medical and recreational dispensary is located in Portland, OR. If you are 21 and older, Club Sky High is looking forward to welcoming you in their headshop. The dispensary guarantees the highest possible quality of their weed-infused products because it uses only the strains that are grown and tested locally. Enjoy the great variety of marijuana edibles with Club Sky High and try not to miss their special gummies and snack mixes! This dispensary is made for those who enjoy shopping and marijuana products.

Sweet Leaf Cannabis

Every sweet tooth should visit Sweet Leaf Cannabis by all means. This headshop has a lot to offer and makes its brownies, cookies, and chocolates extremely tasty and potent. Moreover, if you are looking not only for weed-infused dainties, Sweet Leaf Cannabis also has a wide selection of various strains. If you are interested in visiting this exceptional place, go to Springfield, OR. We are sure you will like it.


Colorado is the home of Starbuds, a 2015 Hightimes Sativa Cannabis Cup Winner. Starbuds already has six headshops in the Colorado area and is developing quickly and successfully. Why? The reason is obvious. Marijuana devotees adore this company! If there is some edible you want to try, Starbuds will give it to you at a bargain price. If you are going to visit Denver or Louisville, try not to miss this incredible shop. A great variety of marijuana-infused edibles is waiting for you!


If you are a medical or recreational marijuana patient who puts safety and quality first, Cannabend is exactly what you need. This company tests all the products they offer before placing them on the shelves. That is why you can always be sure that the edibles you purchase will provide you with a nice and steady high. The marijuana-infused edibles that are sold by Cannabend are tasty and potent. Moreover, the menu is always changing to satisfy the needs of the customers and please them with specials. If you ever go to Bend, OR, visit this delightful shop.

Nature's Herbs and Wellness Center

Denver, Log Lane Village, and Garden City are rather happy to locate Nature's Herbs and Wellness Center headshops. This company provides their customers with world-famous strains, incredibly tasty weed edibles, and perfect service. Any recreational or medical marijuana patient who is looking for high-quality cannabis products should visit Nature's Herbs and Wellness Center and enjoy the wide selection of the goods it is happy to offer.

Skywalker Delights

Are you looking for a headshop that sells gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO weed edibles? Skywalker Delights is the place for you! If you are a marijuana devotee who enjoys natural and organic products, visit Skywalker Delights in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, or Hawaii and try their high-quality marijuana products. This headshop is made for those who value taste and quality.