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Mar 22, 2016 4:11 PM

What Is So Special About Head Shops?

Head shops are the most popular place among marijuana's smokers and a must-visit destination for new cannabis patients who want to make their life more pot-friendly. Coming here, you will discover a great world of cannabis paraphernalia, a place to buy new accessories to underscore your marijuana's lifestyle. These shops are the answer to you question of where to buy bongs, water pipes, lighters, vaporizers, as well as marijuana-themed magazines, clothing, home décor, and music.

Visiting a head shop near me for the first time was a daunting experience; like it perhaps was for many other new cannabis consumers. All these complicated-looking products, strange jargon, and unqualified staff made my head dizzy, even though I did not smoke on that day. Fortunately, today the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve rapidly, and most head shops nowadays became comfortable outlets with knowledgeable employees that can suggest accessories for the most remarkable cannabis experience.

If you have never been to a head shop before, do not forget to take your ID with you, as you may be asked to prove that your age is above 18. Once your ID is verified, a store attendant will offer you to answer any questions you may have. Do not be shy to ask the questions you consider “stupid," especially if you do not know the jargon yet. Qualified staff members are usually patient and friendly towards inexperienced customers. They can even tell you about the most current trends in marijuana paraphernalia market to help you select the optimal products. Still, be aware, that their ultimate goal is to sell you something, so it would be beneficial to read more articles in our paraphernalia category to get better acquainted with this field.

When choosing accessories for smoking, you should know what type of marijuana you are going to use, dry herbs or concentrates. While speaking with the shop staff, it is useful to find out more about accessories you like. You may ask where the product was made and who is the maker. If it is a water pipe, ask what type of glass this piece was made with and how to use and maintain the item properly.

The price range is also important, so consider in advance how much you are going to spend at a head shop. Typical prices in a head shop can vary depending on how exclusive a particular product is and how hard is it to find in other head shops in your city. To understand average prices for accessories you like, you can do your own research by visiting any online head shop in the U.S. There you can compare the product range and the prices and even order products you desire from the comfort of your home.

Buying online is a great alternative to visiting a head shop near you, as you can save your precious time and request a delivery of what you really want from most parts of the world. On the other hand, should you decide to make a purchase online, you will not get any valuable advice from the knowledgeable shop staff, and you will not be able to inspect the product for damage or feel the quality of the material.

Anyway, in any head shop, you will discover a very interesting world of marijuana paraphernalia with really cool products you would want to check out. So, make your first successful trip to a local head shop, if you have never been to it before. Or, visit it once again to add new trendy items to your collection. Definitely, every cannabis consumer has something to discover in a head shop nearby!