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Mar 19, 2016 8:45 AM

What Is the Difference Between Hash and Weed?

There are many names we can use for marijuana: cannabis, weed, grass, pot, ganja, hash. But all these names have their own definition and do not mean quite the same thing. Today, Weedy will tell you about the difference between hash and weed.

Difference Between Hash and Weed

Let us start with the definition for each of the two words. By saying weed, we usually mean any unwanted plant that grows alongside the cultivated cultures, but when we are talking about marijuana, weed means fruits and dried leaves of the female cannabis plant.

Hash, on the other hand, is the short form of the word hashish that defines the dried and sliced paste made of resin of the cannabis leaves mixed with various liquid chemicals.

So, basically, both weed and hash are made of cannabis, but they are still different products.

They are used differently

There are four basic ways you can use weed:

  • you can smoke it;
  • you can vaporize it;
  • you can eat it;
  • you can absorb it through your skin.

With hash, however, the choice is quite similar, but not the same. You can smoke and vaporize hashish as well as consume some edibles infused with it, but there are no hash topicals on the marijuana market.

They work differently

Most regular marijuana users agree that hash is times more potent than weed, although there were cases when the difference in potency was not so obvious because of hash's low quality. The type of hash you are using matters, too.

Bubble hash, for example, may have up to 60% of THC. Hash oil, on the other hand, may have as much as 95% of THC. For comparison, the average level of weed potency is between 20% to 30% of THC.

Since both weed and hashish are made of cannabis, they have a quite similar list of effects they may cause. The only difference lies in the strength of these effects. Even if you have some experience and are used to smoking weed, be ready for the fact that hash may hit you way stronger than a regular joint.

So, if you are looking for something that will give you a significant relief and help you reduce the pain, you may try hash instead of your regular marijuana bud or candy. If you are a recreational marijuana user, however, you better stick with your favorite marijuana products or choose the least potent types of hash. Otherwise, you risk to be completely disabled for a couple of hours.

They have different levels of popularity

Although both hashish and weed are available worldwide, in North America, weed is way more popular than its more potent analog. The hash form of cannabis, on the other hand, has more fans in Asia and some parts of Europe.

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