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Jun 8, 2017 12:05 PM

What Tourists Should Know Before Visiting a Colorado Dispensary

If you are coming from another state and one of the goals of your trip to Colorado is visiting a dispensary, you may be puzzled about where to start and what to do. It is especially true if it is going to be your first time making a purchase in a recreational cannabis store.

Colorado, and especially Denver, is a place where dispensaries are situated on every corner, and a few dozens of them are already waiting for their clients right next to the airport. So, where do you start, what exactly do you buy, and what do you do before heading to a Colorado recreational store? Here you will find some tips that may help you figure things out.

1. Find information about the dispensary

You may certainly take your chances and visit whatever first dispensary you see, but if you want to be more thorough about choosing a place for getting marijuana, we would recommend you to google what is available in your desired area and explore the websites of the found stores. Not that you should look for any suspicious details―after all, all dispensaries have a license and are well-trusted―but some may look much nicer and even friendlier than others, some may be cheaper, and some may offer you exclusive products.

6 Best Dispensaries in Denver
6 Best Dispensaries in Denver
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2. Search for information beforehand

If you do not want to spend an hour or two in a dispensary, it makes sense to google the information about weed products beforehand. Is it important for you to consume only organic products? Would you prefer the sativa or indica effects of marijuana? Would you like to smoke flowers or consume edibles? Do you want to try weed out of curiosity or do you expect certain effects from it? When you already know what exactly you are looking for, you can get the desirable product much faster.

3. Do not forget to take cash

Almost all cannabis stores use only cash. So, though many dispensaries have ATMs inside, it is better to bring some actual money with you. You can find out how much you will need if the dispensary you chose has prices on their website. But we would recommend you to take a bit more anyway as, let us be honest, the chances that you will see something you like and want to purchase it are quite high. At least, we know that sometimes, it can be a real struggle to contain yourself and not buy the whole display.

Denver Opens Medical Hotline for Marijuana Users and Providers
Denver Opens Medical Hotline for Marijuana Users and Providers
Marijuana consumers and providers in Denver can now get a consult on weed-related issues via a 24/7 hotline. The phone line is primarily intended for marijuana-related health and safety questions and is available at 1-877-741-3777.

4. Take your ID with you

Although Colorado dispensaries may look like Amsterdam coffeeshops, they do not let anyone go in. The rules are rigid, and every time you enter a dispensary, you have to show your ID for scanning. It must be valid and government-issued, and, of course, it must belong to you. No dispensary wants to lose their license, so they follow the rules and check every single person every single time.

5. Ask for help

A rare dispensary has a small selection of products, so once you are in, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the large number of items on display. Do not be shy to ask a budtender about all the options; these people are there to help you. And since they know everything about the products in their stores, who else can give you the best piece of advice? There may be some new products that you want to try, or maybe you are up for something classical—just ask!

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6. Check for deals

If you are not after something particular, it can be a good idea to look for deals in the local dispensaries. Some of them can be mentioned on the posters inside the stores, for others you need to ask the budtender, but in most cases, they are listed on the website of the place. It can be a certain discount on edibles, flowers, concentrates, or special offers if you buy a couple of different items at the same time. Anyway, saving even a few bucks would be an excellent bonus.

7. Tell the budtender if it is your first time consuming weed

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying this. No one will judge you or laugh at you, no one will tell you a word! On the contrary, it may be exciting for the store staff to introduce you into the canna-world and tell you all the aspects a newbie should know. Plus, they will advise you on how to avoid overdosing and any negative side effects the products might have. You can also apply this tip if you are, for example, a regular smoker, but want to try an edible for the first time. There are always some nuances; that is why the budtender needs to know your level of experience.

8. Use your chance to try new products

If you have time and opportunity, why not try what Colorado dispensaries may offer you? In fact, the choice can be so wide that it can take you ages to try everything. And it is not only about the endless range of cannabis strains; it also about all kinds of edibles, drinks, concentrates, and even massage oils. Chocolate muffins, candies, cookies―whatever you want. It would be a shame to be in Denver and miss the chance to try something special.

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9. Do not overestimate your abilities

While we advise you to try new cannabis items in Colorado, we should also mention that it is important to know when to stop so that you do not overdo it. It is easy to get excited when you face such a large selection. You may want to but everything, but you have to try to pace yourself. After all, cannabis affects every person differently, and what is okay for your friend may be way too much for you. So, use your own head and take only the amount of the substance that you expect to manage. And of course, do not try all the products at once―it is always better to get the best from each of them separately and enjoy all the nuances of the effects they provide. This attitude can save you from getting negative side effects and inspire you to keep on exploring the world of cannabis.

10. Leave a review about your visit

This is, of course, optional, but your review may be helpful for other people who, just like you, are going to visit Colorado and explore the cannabis world. Whether you had a good or bad experience with the weed and service in a dispensary, leave a comment about it on their website or the forum on which you found the necessary information. Your feedback will also be useful for the staff. If they have really helped you with choosing, it would be nice of you to thank them.