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Mar 10, 2016 6:58 PM

What You Should Know Before Buying Edibles

If you are lucky enough to live in a state where selling and buying marijuana is already legalized, you may face a great variety of edibles that may all look quite tempting to try. But like any kind of products, marijuana edibles are not all identical: they can be of different quality , have different THC/CBD concentration; once you are in a dispensary, it is really difficult to understand what you should buy.

Of course, you may rely on your taste and general preferences, but you should also remember, that marijuana edibles are not simply another food item; besides tasting good and being fresh, marijuana edibles also have to make you high in a way you want them to.

How does it work

The first thing you should keep in your mind, is that smoking marijuana is entirely different from consuming marijuana edibles. When you are inhaling cannabis smoke, it starts working as soon as it is in your mouth, penetrating the cell membranes even on its way to your lungs. That is why people are usually recommended to hold the fume as long as it is possible before exhaling it. This way the “high" effect comes faster and is more intensive.

When you eat a marijuana edible, the effect of THC component comes after a delay. The edible starts to work when only as it begins to be digested, mostly in your stomach and your guts. So there is no need to choose higher THC content in a piece of edible, as it will intensify your “high" effect, but will not make the waiting time any shorter.

What to choose

Before you go to a local dispensary, it is better to decide what exactly you want to get there. “Give me something nice, please" is not the best option in this case. Do you want to get stoned? Do you want to have a relaxed evening with your friends? Do you need an edible to relieve pain or other health problems? Do you expect marijuana food to help you sleep like a baby whole night through? The choice is, of course, up to you, but try to do it before you take head to a budtender.

Once you know your purpose for consuming a marijuana edible, have a look at a list of High Times Cannabis Cup winners. They have different nominations there, like Best Medical Edibles, Best CBD Edibles, Best Product and others. All the strains, edibles and beverage are carefully checked so you may not worry whether they work properly and whether they are good enough. Alternatively, feel free to browse our extensive list of cannabis edibles with great descriptions that will tell you everything you need to know about the products to are considering to buy.

Medical marijuana with a high CBD level can be used both to deal with various health problems and as a kind of an anti-THC product. Should you inadvertently overestimate your body capacity for THC or underestimate the potency of a THC-infused edible, you may look for a way out of your state. In this case, CBD edible may be used for easing the “high" state and calming you down.

Go slowly with a new item

Once you try the best of the best, you may understand how your body reacts to different kinds of edibles. Based on this experience, you may now choose the other items to try. We would recommend you though to start with some well-known companies, like, for instance, Snoop Dogg's line Leafs By Snoop. It is always a bit risky to try edibles without any recommendations or guarantees, so try not to risk in vain.

As an option, you may try a new product with micro-dosing. It means, instead of trying the whole piece of edible, try first a half or even a quarter of it and wait until the cannabis reveal its full effect. Do not be afraid that you will not notice any difference in your state, you will. There is even a number of studies that prove micro-dosing efficiency comparing to usual marijuana consuming.

Another thing, try not to consume cannabis-infused edible on an empty stomach. Well, at least if you are not trying to get completely stoned and get the biggest bang for your buck. Plus, most edibles give you the munchies, so think about acquiring some food in advance.

Whatever you choose to consume, remember to enjoy every moment of the cannabis effect.