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Jun 28, 2016 9:15 AM

White Widow Strain Review

There are hundreds of marijuana strains in the market right now, maybe even a thousand. However, none of them are as popular as White Widow.

White Widow Strain Review

General Information

If you are an experienced stoner, you probably already know or at least have heard about the White Widow marijuana strain. White Widow is a world-famous strain of cannabis that has been around for decades. This is a hybrid that was bred in the Netherlands and appeared in the country's coffeeshops in the early 1990's. Since then, this strain has been a constant offer in every coffeeshop. The strain's parents are flavorous South American sativa strains and heavy South Indian indica strains. White Widow is an A-grade strain that is worth the attention of both cannabis connoisseurs and beginners. This strain is a true marijuana star—it is constantly mentioned in the TV series Weed; besides, this hybrid is the main theme of several rap songs.

Another beneficial quality of White Widow is that the strain can be grown both inside and outside. If grown inside, the plant may grow up to one meter tall, if grown outside—two meters tall. Mostly, the plant needs lots of sun but can also be grown in colder countries like Great Britain or the Netherlands. The harvest is rich and top-notch. Grown inside, the plant can produce a whopping 500 grams per square meter. If it is planted outside, White Widow can yield 600 grams per plant. This strain requires little maintenance which makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

Appearance and flavor

Bright lime green buds of this plant are covered with a generous layer of trichomes. Fire red hairs of tight buds seem to be reaching towards the sky. The aroma and the taste of this strain differ significantly but complement each other perfectly. White Widow has a scent of freshly fallen oranges. In addition, the light spicy notes add something unique and mysterious to the aroma.

The flavor of White Widow is earthy and somewhat “clean.” It seems so light and natural that you will feel like breathing in fresh air. The taste is not strong, but it leaves a spicy aftertaste that complements the aroma perfectly.

Recreational Use

Do you prefer the energetic state of euphoria to the sleepy relaxation? Then we recommend you to smoke the White Widow strain. The burst hits you almost immediately and is rather strong. The effects are characteristic of most sativa strains and provide you with the feeling of happiness, determination, and energy. Besides, the strain is famous for its stellar psychedelic high.

If you are seeking some inspiration, White Widow can also help you. This hybrid strain can boost your creativity and unlock your hidden talents. Generally, it is a functional strain that brings you desire to work and makes you more confident than ever. Of course, you will get some munchies in the end, but also be ready to drink a lot. White Widow is a perfect refreshing strain for summer. Smoke it by the pool or at the beach, and you will get a perfect relaxation.

Medical Use

From a medical point of view, the strain is an excellent remedy for stress and depression. Considering the boost of energy and creativeness that White Widow provides, it is not surprising that depression instantly fades away. The components of this hybrid strain can help with any kind of pain. Another useful property of this cannabis star is the stimulation of appetite.

White Widow is arguably the most popular strain in Amsterdam coffeeshops. However, many American states are also fond of it, so you can find White Widow in any dispensary of the country.