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Aug 17, 2016 6:35 PM

Who Is to Replace High Time Cannabis Cup?

Unexpectedly for everybody, the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup turned out to be the last festival iteration. The participants were left outside in the cold because the Cup's organizers were too late with the application for the venue permit.

This sudden failure marked the end of the annual gathering. Marijuana companies from all over the world are left without their favorite festival. For 30 years, people around the globe had come to the Netherlands to enjoy something that feels special to every marijuana devotee. The High Times Cup was an important occasion that gathered people of different nations, ages, and statuses and united them with the common love for weed. Among the regulars of the festival, there were stars like Jack Herer who promoted the idea of quality weed that can save the world.

Of course, High Times still hosts different Cups across the U.S., but they all lack that grand feeling that was present in Amsterdam.

Besides, the most prestigious cannabis contest, the Highlife Cup, also went underground this year. The Highlife Cup has changed drastically. Now, instead of having an award ceremony where each judge from the expert panel tries cannabis and votes, Highlife announces the results on the Internet. And again, the whole atmosphere of cannabis importance is lost.

This loss has a major impact on the whole marijuana community. Those gatherings were an important part of cannabis development and promotion all over the world.

To stabilize the situation in “the high world,” many newcomers are ready to take the place of the absent old-timers.

Today, two new competitions are fighting for the right to replace the old favorites.

The first one is situated in Amsterdam. The Elite Cup kicked off last year in late November. The first edition of the Elite Cup included two coffeeshops and 12 private entries. The second gathering of the Cup took place in April and was dedicated to the 420 holiday. Today, the number of entries reaches 60.

The whole event is divided into 12 categories that include edibles, live resin, rosin, and many more. What distinguishes this event from the High Time Cannabis Cup the most is the panel of judges. The products are tested by both elite experts and public judges. The participation in this competition is by invitations only. However, everyone can apply for a judge's pass.

The second promising event that has the potential to become major is held in Eindhoven. The city may not be one of your famous weed locations, but local police view it as the epicenter of the country's marijuana cultivation. Despite its novelty, the Homegrown Cup already has many fans. It is a modest festival that celebrates the ancient tradition of harvesting at the end of the season. The founder of the Hometown Cup is Mauro Picavet. Picavet mentions that his intention in creating such a festivity was to remind people of the benefits of growing cannabis for personal use.

The first Hometown Cup included 15 entries. The contestants were judging the products themselves.

The undeniable benefit of these contests is that weed connoisseurs can try various concentrates, which not all of us can do every day.

Experience Cannabis: How to Make Rosin at Home
Experience Cannabis: How to Make Rosin at Home
If you are an experienced cannabis user, you might want some changes in your smoking routine from time to time. That is usually when concentrates pop up. However, many concentrates have some particles of solvent, so if you want to use 100% pure cannabis shatter, choose rosin.

If you want to visit these events and compare them to the previous Cups or simply enjoy your time with marijuana, the closest Elite Cup event will take place in October in Barcelona. And the next Hometown Cup event will be held on Dec. 17.