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Jul 25, 2016 9:15 AM

Who You Are Is How You Smoke

The way you smoke cannabis can tell a lot about you. Every one of us has a preference. You might be surprised, but the way you consume marijuana may be an indicator of your personality. So, let us see what kind of stoner you are.


A pipe is a symbolic accessory that starts the marijuana experience for many stoners. Your first time probably involved smoking a pipe. Many people still hold on to their memories and keep the tradition.

Stoner's Dream: You Can Use This Pizza Box to Smoke Weed
Stoner's Dream: You Can Use This Pizza Box to Smoke Weed
This impressive contraption undoubtedly ought to be on the list of the TIME's Top Best Inventions of the Year, somewhere between the hoverboard and the Google cardboard, because it will change your view of the munchies forever.

If you prefer smoking from a pipe years since your first time, you enjoy familiar things and do not like change much. Some might say that people like you are a little apprehensive of delving into the unknown. You are a trustworthy person and like to hang out with the people you trust. These features characterize “a comfortable person,” but do not be afraid to try something new.


If you are a fan of smoking joints, blunts, or spliffs, you definitely prefer smoking on the go. This way of smoking weed shows that you are always active and do not like to stay in one place for long. Joints indicate a person who is ready for anything. You are constantly seeking for some spice to add to your life.

You are funny and have many friends—a “joints friend” always has somebody to share a roll with or to ask for some herbs if they are out of weed. However, you are a very generous person yourself and sometimes give more than receive.


It does not matter what size of bongs you prefer—if you are a fan of these accessories, you are a confident person who deals with their problems directly and does not shy away from challenges. You are straightforward, which always attracts the right people. Perhaps, you are a little too confident at times, but you surely can deal with problems better than others. Slow down. Relax and try enjoy both life and marijuana in small doses.

9 Must-Have Items for Stoners
9 Must-Have Items for Stoners
Any self-respecting stoner has to have some cannabis accessories that are completely necessary for their hobby. Smoking weed can become even better if you have all of them at home.


Most people choose vaporizers because these accessories are healthier than the others. This means that you are a health-conscious person. Maybe, you are even worried about the environment. Being healthy is a necessary thing, and you understand this. Good news: You are definitely good-looking because of the diet and training. You are also meticulous. A person who prefers vaporizing is not likely to be controlled by material goods.


If you like dabs, then you are an adventurous person who likes extreme activities. Dabbers are open to new things and ready for everything. Some could say that you are fearless, but you just do not let fear hold you back. You might be a little impatient, but the active way of life you like is a good enough reason to expect instant gratification. Dabbers are usually kind and friendly.

Top 6 Discrete Ways to Consume Weed
Top 6 Discrete Ways to Consume Weed
In you prefer privacy while smoking your weed, you need to find ways to enjoy it discretely. The best way to hide your avocation is to use the right method of cannabis consumption along with right accessories.


Bubbler users are a combination of many traits. They are complex and flexible. If you like to spend your time with bubblers, you expect a lot of excitement from your life but remain somewhat a conservationist. You are perfectly balanced and keep the things in your life in strict order. You know your limits and can find something interesting even in the daily routine.

So, have you found the type of weed consumption you like the most? We hope that the description above suits you. Of course, you may also be a combination of several types—we are all different.