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Jul 12, 2017 12:05 PM

Why Do Most Marijuana Users Prefer These 5 Rolling Papers?

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to consume cannabis, yet most marijuana users prefer the old-school method of smoking joints. Rolling a joint by yourself is still much of a ritual for pot aficionados. Though previously they used standard tobacco rolling papers, now the market is full of many companies that sell specialized papers for rolling joints.

If you want to choose the rolling paper that meets all your smoking preferences, you should pay attention to its rolling difficulty, smoke-ability, burn rate, and material taste.

It is hard to assess all these requirements at a glance, so let us look at the rolling papers that have already become popular choices among marijuana consumers.

Who You Are Is How You Smoke
Who You Are Is How You Smoke
The way you smoke cannabis can tell a lot about you. Every one of us has a preference. You might be surprised, but the way you consume marijuana may be an indicator of your personality. So, let us see what kind of stoner you are.

Raw Rolling Papers

These rolling papers have been on the cannabis market for more than two decades. They are considered the best choice for rolling joints. If you want to make a perfect joint on your first try, pick up Raw rolling papers as they are universal and require almost no skills from consumers. Unlike other manufacturers, Raw Organics produce papers that are not too sticky, too thin, or too fragile. These hemp papers burn lightly without producing any additional taste.


Choosing rolling paper, most marijuana consumers prefer the thin kind, as it is almost unnoticeable when you smoke it. However, the thinner the paper, the more experienced of a stoner you should be. It is very easy to ruin a joint, as the paper can crinkle and fold. Elements offer ultra-thin rolling paper made from rice. These papers are of excellent quality. They burn slowly and can be used even after becoming wet. Each pack contains 300 leaves, which should give you enough chances to learn how to roll them if you are not good at it yet.

Juicy Jays

Rolling papers from Juicy Jays is a great option for those who want to add a fruity flavor to the traditional cannabis scent. Each pack of papers contains ten different flavors, so you can endlessly tease your taste buds with various sensations. Here, you can find the aromas of strawberry kiwi, green apple, cherry, banana, and others. Though the price is quite high, the producer ensures a maximum scent infusion due to triple dipping of their papers.

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10 Best Accessories for Girls Who Consume Cannabis
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In cooperation with Raw Organics, Wiz Khalifa decided to produce king-size rolling papers for true marijuana connoisseurs. His papers are 110 mm and produced from natural hemp gum. They are also quite thin. Thus, you can use these papers for rolling giant joints and enjoy the taste of marijuana buds free of any additional scents. Each pack includes handy joint tips for those who always have difficulties with filters. Thus, you can start smoking like a pro right from the first joint provided that you have already dealt with thin papers.


Zig-Zag sells specialized rolling papers for blunts. In the old days, stoners used cigar papers for making cannabis blunts. Nowadays, they do not have to waste all that tobacco. Wrap papers from Zig-Zag are made of flax and hemp that add a delicious flavor to the classic marijuana scent. Each pack of blunt wraps is always of high-quality and fresh. Smoking cannabis wrapped in Zig-Zag rolling papers is a long-lasting pleasure, as the papers are always watermarked to slow down the burn. Opt for a pack with 21 different flavors, and you will have an endless choice of tastes to diversify your marijuana experience.

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Honey and Weed? Make Best Blunt of Your Life With Any Skunk Strain
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