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Apr 14, 2017 12:05 PM

Wifi OG Strain Review

This marijuana strain can make you care-free and forgetful. It will put in a talkative mood and get you thinking about your future. However, this cannabis is not recommended for beginners, as its strong effects can knock you out.

The Wifi OG strain, which is also known as “White Fire OG” or “WiFi OG,” was created by OG Raskal. The breeder wanted to improve the genetics of the widely popular Fire OG strain. So, he crossed its clone with the less famous White Rhino strain. The result was so unpredictable and successful that the breeder called the Wifi OG strain legendary.

This hybrid has a slight indica dominance, a high potency, which is usually estimated at 22-28% of THC, and an insignificant amount of CBD. Though the Wifi strain is not the most appropriate for getting acquainted with weed, it can provide cannabis users with an unforgettable experience and strong medical effects.

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Appearance and Flavor

Of course, the strain has inherited some of the best characteristics from its parents. The cone-shaped buds have a beautiful coloring of white, purple, green, and orange. Similarly to its White Rhino mother, the Wifi strain has vivid green nugs that are densely covered with fiery orange hairs and glittering snow-white trichomes.

The strain's flowers produce a pleasant scent of sweet citrus and black pepper that is most noticeable during smoking. The Wifi weed strain also has a strong spicy and sweet taste that resembles pine and orange with an earthy diesel aftertaste similar to that of its Fire OG father.

Recreational Effects

The Wifi OG strain's effects come almost immediately after smoking. The high is described as an instant head rush that improves your mood and makes you feel happy and euphoric. The following body buzz is simultaneously uplifting and relaxing. You may feel your eyelids become heavy while the warm waves of a physical rush relax your muscles and relieve pain.

Thanks to its energy-boosting effects, the Wifi weed strain is great to use in the morning or during the day in small quantities. If you want to smoke more than several puffs, it is better to wait till the evening as its indica effects can make your body heavy and lazy.

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Make Every Experience Perfect With Cannabis
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Medical Use

The Wifi strain is a great natural remedy for many medical conditions. Thus, it is popular among patients with cancer as the strain increases your appetite and gives you the munchies. It will also make you free of chronic pain or muscle tension. The high THC content in this hybrid is also beneficial for people with glaucoma and high eye pressure. This cannabis can relieve the symptoms of depression, chronic stress, or anxiety. Consuming this strain, you will also forget about chronic fatigue or lack of energy.

The Wifi OG strain is extremely popular in Oregon, Michigan, Washington, California, and Nevada, but you can also find this powerful hybrid at one of your local dispensaries.

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