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Mar 21, 2016 6:04 PM

Zero-Calories Sweet Cherry Pie

Cherry pie is not only a delicious pastry that you can buy with a nice cup of coffee. The pie we are talking about is the one you will rather encounter in your local dispensary. The strain we are going to describe in this article tastes almost like your garden variety cherry pie; the difference is that it has zero calories.

Family dinner

Some people believe that the Cherry Pie strain is not an independent one, but just a revamped version of Cherry Kush. According to them, Bay-Area growers just invented a new name for the strain. We, however, are not inclined to agree with this opinion. If you do not believe us, just try some Cherry Pie with its peculiar flavor that combines notes of cherry and pine, and you will see that it is clearly distinct from Cherry Kush.

Cherry Pie's parents are two well-recognized strains: Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. The “child" became truly successful; the strain even won several awards. For instance, it got third place in Medical Sativa category in 2014 High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver.

The name of this new strain did not come out of the blue; as many strain names were, it was inspired by the delicate aroma of this type of marijuana. It is simultaneously sweet and sour, just like the wonderfully tasty cherry pie our grandmothers used to cook when we were young. The buds are forest-green with orange and purple hair. In short, this strain even looks like a delicious (and calorie-free!) alternative to a dessert for an evening meal.

The scent of the Cherry Pie strain is sometimes characterized as piney, yet with pronounced undertones of berry-like fruitiness, earth, and pepper. The aroma is quite different from the one of Durban Poison—it comes through as somehow less artificial. The Cherry Pie buds are slightly denser than the ones of Durban, and they are less bushy and round than Granddaddy Purple.

How it works

You will feel the effect in just a few minutes after smoking or vaping Cherry Pie. Assuming you smoke you average dose, it will keep you high for at least a couple of hours.

What can you expect from this strain? Well, only good things, that is for sure. Cherry Pie has up to 23 percent THC and 0.2 percent CBD. That guarantees you a mellow evening, feeling relaxed and happy. Cherry Pie will give you a nice euphoric and uplifting sensation that would make you believe that all your problems can be solved—a fact that is usually true for the overwhelming majority of us, we just need to remind ourselves of it now and then. This strain will also alleviate any stress you might have felt before smoking and make it go away forever. If you are a creative person, Cherry Pie can also push your creativity and help you find inspiration to create something incredible.

As a medical remedy, Cherry Pie is a good choice for handling stress and depression. If you have a headache after a long and hard day, Cherry Pie joint will be able to help you and relieve your suffering. It is super-good for those patients who expect to find a delicious and strong indica-dominant strain that is potent enough to efficiently relieve them from pain or anxiety.

But nothing is perfect and there might be some negative effects of smoking this strain, though. While every reaction is individual, dry mouth and dry eyes are among the side-effects that occur most often. You can easily avoid these disadvantages of consuming marijuana if you choose in favor of micro-dosing.

The price

On average, you may found Cherry Pie for $28 for a sixteenth (1.75-gram package) and $42 for eighth in Denver.