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Marijuana strains - Hybrid

Each Hybrid strain is developed to treat different ailments
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Cannabis Hybrid

There are myriads of other strains in addition to pure Indica and Sativa varieties. Combining and crossbreeding different Sativa and Indica plants has resulted in many hybrids that will live up to their genetic lineage. Hybrid strains ensure you get the benefits of both worlds. There are three basic hybrid categories:

Indica-dominant strains produce a relaxing, full-body effect while also providing the mental clarity that is customary in Sativa varieties.

Even Hybrids (50/50) are ideal for those seeking the perfect balance of Sativas and Indicas. They offer a great combination of both mind and body relief.

Sativa-dominant strains tend to maintain the characteristics of the uplifting Sativa strains while including the relaxing undertones of the Indica strains.