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Ace Killer OG

THC 27.00 % / CBD 2.00 %
The Ace Killer OG marijuana strain is an indica-leaning hybrid created through the genetic mix of the famous White Fire OG, Kosher Kush, and the less-known King's Kush. The strain attracts the attention of weed consumers with its considerable potency and hard-hitting high. The level of THC can reach up to 27 percent, while the CBD content can be estimated at the level of 2 percent. The strain's flowers emit a classic kushy scent of diesel, earth, and lime. The taste is also spicy and pungent. The olive green buds have small nugs that are rich in golden pistils and white crystal trichomes. The Ace Killer OG cannabis is not recommended for beginners or consumers with a low tolerance; however, experienced users will be impressed by its powerful relaxing effects. The high begins with a fast-coming cerebral buzz that provides you with a lot of energy and puts you in a happy and sociable mood. Then, sedation hits you while relaxing waves ease muscles in your whole body. In the end, you will feel both couch-locked and hungry. However, you will rather fall asleep than stand up to find something to eat. Apart from the overall relaxation, the effects of Ace Killer OG will provide medical consumers with the desired relief from chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, and depressive thoughts.
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