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Afghan Cow

THC 22.00 %
The Afghan Cow marijuana strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid created by Dr. Krippling Seeds through the genetic cross of Ash, Kaya 47, and Kali Mist. The strain is famous for its mind-bending euphoria and highly energizing effects. The smell resembles fresh berries and grapes with grassy undertones. The taste is sweet and tropical, with hints of creamy butter when smoked. The bright green buds are densely coated with golden pistils, sticky resin, and amber-colored trichomes. The effects of Afghan Cow are immediate and long-lasting. The high starts with a heady cerebral buzz that improves your mood and makes you happy. You will feel a rise of energy that alters your mind. The psychedelic effects stimulated by 22 percent of THC make this strain perfect for meditation and contemplation. The high leaves you with a pleasant feeling of physical relaxation that is not sedative or overpowering. The Afghan Cow cannabis provides medicinal benefits for people who have chronic pain, fatigue, and migraines. The strain is also effective for treating the symptoms of glaucoma, stress, and depression.
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