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THC 21.46 % / CBD 0.03 %
The Alchemy marijuana strain is a well-balanced hybrid bred by TGA Genetics through the cross of Querkle and Chemdawg. The strain has a beautiful appearance and powerful effects. The flowers emit a pleasant scent of earthy musk and sour grapes. The taste is also spicy, with earthy undertones. The buds have lavender coloring with nugs that are wrapped in purple fan leaves. The buds are covered with golden hairs and sparkling trichomes with lavender hues. The effects of Alchemy are simultaneously relaxing and uplifting thanks to an impressive THC level that reaches 21 percent. The high begins with an arousing euphoria that makes you motivated and concentrated. Then, the warm waves of physical relaxation envelop your body and make it heavy and couch-locked. The strain also stimulates your appetite, so be ready to get the munchies. The high leaves you completely refreshed and happy. If you experience chronic aches and migraines, be sure to try the Alchemy cannabis—it has great pain-killing effects. The strain is also effective for treating insomnia, loss of appetite, stress, and depression.
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