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THC 18.00 %
The Allkush strain is a three-quarters indica hybrid that was bred in the Netherlands by Paradise Seeds. Back in 2005, this herb even got second place at the Highlife Cannabis Cup. The genetics of the strain can be tracked to the Pakistan and Afghanistan landraces following the Hippie Trail. The creators had worked on the strain for several years by patiently crossing Kush and Dutch genetics in order to give a new twist to the old classic strains.
This hybrid is easy to grow and provides abundant yields, which makes it a perfect choice for beginner growers. However, seasoned pros also appreciate this herb. As most Kush strains, Allkush is a short (25 to 35 inches/65-85 centimeters) and compact plant with a relatively fast flowering period (56-60 days on average) that shows great results growing both indoors and outdoors. You can get the biggest yield if you apply the Sea of Green technique to your garden or if you plant the strain in areas with extensive sunshine.
The plants of Allkush produce long colas with big and dense flowers covered with crystal trichomes. You can expect to get around 16 ounces (≈450 grams) of yield from an indoor plant, and a bit more―around 21 ounces (≈600 grams)―from a single plant in an outdoor garden.
The long-lasting high is uplifting, with a slight pleasant sedation that does not cause couch lock. This strain can bring relief from stress-related conditions, problems with sleep, glaucoma, and mild to moderate cases of depression.
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