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Haze Heaven

THC 22.00 %
  • Anxious
  • Happy
  • Talkative
  • Depression
  • No Appetite
Haze Heaven is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Soma Seeds. However, the sativa part of the strain is also rather large, and Haze Heaven shows some distinctive sativa properties. The Haze Heaven genetics are complex and include several notable strains: Northern Lights #5, Afghani, Haze, and Hawaiian. The diverse heritage of this strain gave Haze Heaven the popularity among both cannabis connoisseurs and growers. The latter choose this strain mainly because of its large yields and huge buds. However, the strain is not for the beginners. To grow it properly, you will need some experience in the field. The flowering period is rather long and usually takes about 75 days. Haze Heaven effects start with a cerebral rush that is refreshing and makes you very talkative at first. Soon enough, the body buzz catches up and makes you mellow and warm. The buzz will cover your entire body with a blanket of relaxation. In a headshop, look for the grape-shaped nugs of a forest green color. The hairs are of different shades of amber. To make sure that the buds are dank, pay attention to the smell as well. The buds should have a pungent berry aroma with a little spice in it. Besides, the nugs should be resinous and, hence, quite sticky. The strain can relieve depression, stress, chronic pain, and migraines.
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