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Peaches and Cream

THC 21.00 %
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Apricot
  • Sweets
  • Creative
  • Dizzy
  • Energetic
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anorexia
  • Gastrointestinal
  • PTDS
True to its name, the Peaches and Cream strain will deliver you a candy-like, sweet peachy flavor and a tender floral aroma with citrus notes. It is a sativa strain that appeared as a result of crossbreeding Grape Kush, Maui, Super Silver Have, and ChemDawg.
It causes a very smooth and pleasant high that increases your creativity and improves your mood. The weed is great for day-time use.
The THC level that varies between 14 and 21 percent can help you with treating insomnia, nausea, and pain. Because of its smooth euphoric effects, Peaches and Cream can be used for fighting depression, anxiety, and social issues. It allows you to become calm and confident without feeling lazy or paranoid, which sometimes happens with other strains.
However, it may affect users very differently, so if you have never tried this strain before or if you do not have enough experience in cannabis consuming, it is better to smoke it slowly and gradually increase its amount if needed. To know how Peaches and Cream affects your mind and body, wait for 15-30 minutes. Some users claim that the strain makes their body behave unusually, others get irrepressible laughter.
The buds can also somehow remind you of peaches: with their yellow or soft pink-orange color, they become covered by bright amber hairs during the maturation. Generally, the more colorful the flowers are, the more potent the weed is.
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