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Shark Bite

THC 24.00 %
When Archive Seed Bank crossbred the Great White Shark sativa and the Face Off OG indica, they got a powerful, evenly-balanced hybrid with the THC level of between 18 and 24 percent. Even though the indica and sativa genetics are presented in equal proportions, the effects of the strain lean more towards the indica side with its uplifted sedation that progresses into a deep sleep. The high slowly immerses you into happy bliss, boosting your mood and helping your body relax. Step by step, the numbing effect starts to work, and you feel smooth waves covering your body and lulling you into a dreamless, relaxing sleep.
You may find these effects beneficial if you struggle with chronic stress, pain or insomnia.
The Shark Bite strain is perfect for beginner cultivators as it is very easy to grow. It takes 8-9 weeks for it to go from seed to harvest. The plant reaches 15-25 inches in height. Even though the yield is very potent, the amount of it is quite modest: one plant produces only 0.5—1.5 ounces (15-40 grams) of flowers. The fat sticky colas produce beautiful buds that have a heavenly taste of candy and the aroma that combines sweet and skunky notes with hues of lemony herbs. The small, tight, bright neon green nugs are covered with clear hairs, crystal trichomes, and very dark green leaves.
The distinctive feature of this hybrid is its dense layer of resin that is often used for making excellent concentrates and high-quality hashish.
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