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White Dream

THC 24.00 % / CBD 1.00 %
The White Dream cannabis is a successful mix of such well-known strains as Blue Dream and White Widow. This highly-potent sativa-leaning strain can contain up to 24 percent of THC. Thus, the hybrid ensures a well-balanced combination of energy boost and relaxing physical high. The effects of White Dream will stimulate your creativity and put you in a dreamy mood. The physical buzz induced by this hybrid is also intense and very similar to White Widow's. The strain will provide you with energy for fun outdoor activities. It has a slight relaxing effect in the end, but it will not make you sleepy or couch-locked. The White Dream marijuana strain has a delicious smell of blueberry, citrus, and grapefruit. The taste is also sweet, fresh, and fruity. The buds are dark green with brown hues. The nugs are densely coated with orange pistils and sparkling trichomes. If you are looking for a medical marijuana strain, then you can count on White Dream— it is an effective medicine for treating nausea, pain, depression, and stress.
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