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Afternoon Delight

The Afternoon Delight marijuana is an indica-leaning strain bred by Colorado Seed Inc. through a triple genetic mix of Schrom, Banana, and Tangie. The resulted hybrid is famous for its delicious fruity taste and stunning relaxing effects. The smell will tease your taste buds with sweet and distinct notes of fruit, pine, and citrus. When smoking it, you will also enjoy the spicy hints of earth and skunky diesel upon exhale. The bright green nugs are densely coated with sticky resin, fiery orange pistils, and eye-catching white trichomes. The effects of Afternoon Delight are described as long-lasting and powerful. The strain is potent, so it is not recommended for newbies and weed consumers with a low tolerance. The cerebral buzz will relax your mind and free you from stressful thoughts. Then, the warm waves of physical relaxation will ease your muscles and make your body heavy. In the end, you may feel lazy and drowsy, but these aftereffects are not overpowering. The Afternoon Delight cannabis is beneficial for treating such medical ailments as insomnia, chronic pain, muscle cramps, and nervous disorders.
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