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Alien Technology

THC 19.00 %
The Alien Technology strain is a pure indica plant. The seeds of this landrace from Afghanistan was brought to the USA by a soldier. Later, the strain was selected for further improvement of its features. Even though the THC level of Alien Technology is quite modest (about 13-19 percent on average), the high is very potent and lasts up to six hours. It has a powerful calming effect on your muscles and can save you from physical and mental stress. You will feel a pleasant bliss that will heighten your senses and elevate your mood, providing you with pure satisfaction and joy.
The fluffy light green flowers are super frosty, almost like the White strains. The buds are tinted with dark forest green patches and covered with light and dark amber hairs. Abundant trichomes provide this strain with a typical hashy flavor—spicy, rich, and delicious. It also has some sweet vanilla notes and a turpentine aftertaste. The aroma is hashy, with fuel notes upon exhale.
The Alien Technology indica was used for breeding a number of strains, including the legendary Alien Dawg and Alien Kush, which are famous for their potency.
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